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Welcome to AffiliateMarketersSuccess.com. I hope your visit to this website is enjoyable.


To Introduce Myself

My name is Valerie; I am a passionate affiliate marketing entrepreneur enjoying life to the fullest of what I desire. Every day I meet inspiring people with similar interests to mine. I meet most of these people online and the amazing thing is that it’s so easy to get to know them; so different to meeting people face to face whose interests are often dissimilar to mine.

A Little Bit of History

I live in Auckland, a city in the North Island of the beautiful country of New Zealand; I have lived here all of my life, other than the occasional trip to visit other amazing countries. There are many things that I love in life, being family, friends, pets, reading, watching TV, and the list goes on, but .. I must confess that the internet, particularly affiliate marketing, is my passion and has been for the past 8 years, or more. My family have no problems with finding me; they know that I will be ‘glued’ to my computer at least a good part of each day. Quite a reputation, I must say!! However, it is of choice; I could be elsewhere.

My introduction may reveal that I could be considered a little unusual when it comes to this passion as I am not the young entrepreneur, or even middle-aged entrepreneur that one may expect to meet in this wonderful world of affiliate marketers. I am a grandmother and, dare I say, great-grandmother. Those facts do not determine exactly my age but they do put me into the category of senior. The wonderful thing about life is that it moves on in the way we make it, and my determination to succeed and make it as an entrepreneur has eventuated in my building AffiliateMarketersSuccess.com.

As well as this website, I own 3 other websites which I have built around my interests, 2 of them being about dogs and the other about Christmas.

Just for You

Please feel free to have look around my website while you are here, and if you have an interest in looking at what Affiliate Marketing can do for you, you are welcome to visit my Wealthy Affiliate Review for more information.

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing place to learn about online business and it is where I meet all these people online that I mentioned at the beginning of this page. These people comprise a wonderfully supportive community committed to helping one another succeed with their online businesses. It is truly unique and wonderfully amazing.

You are welcome to leave me a comment below, or visit me at Wealthy Affiliate University.


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