Review of AffiloBlueprint Affiliate Marketing Program

What is AffiloBlueprint?

AffiloBlueprint is a program that I am happy to review as I have had personal experience with it, having subscribed to it in 2013.

AffiloBlueprint is a well-known and reputable affiliate training which has been followed by many aspiring affiliate marketers who I believe have become successful internet entrepeneurs, growing their businesses to substantial earnings.


Who is the Founder of AffiloBlueprint?

AffiloBlueprint was founded by Mark Ling who is now an 8-figure millionaire. Mark’s success in affiliate marketing is due to dedication to building his internet marketing business, his belief in himself, and his absolute focus on providing his subscribers with the best tools and information that will assist them in building their own successful internet empire.

Learning about Mark’s affiliate background it is clear that, at a young age, he had a strong talent towards affiliate marketing, having begun in this field while he was still at college.  In no time at all Mark was earning up to $3,000 per week.  How he made that level of income was by targeting profitable niches and ranking high in Google’s search engines. But then, suddenly Mark’s business received a Google slap causing a downward slide to what one could call ‘a crash’

To Mark’s credibility, he picked himself up and moved on with another type of affiliate marketing which was banner ads and email marketing.  This proved to be successful and Mark was back in business again.

Creation of AffiloBlueprint

By now Mark was enjoying success with his affiliate marketing but, at the same time, watching his father stressing out in a job that he disliked intensely.  This is when Mark put his talents into creating AffiloBlueprint.  How great is that?  Mark created AffiloBlueprint for his technically challenged father who was able to follow the program, retire from his unpleasant job and is now living on a 6-figure income that operates on autopilot!

So What Exactly is AffiloBlueprint?

  • AffiloBlueprint is, in fact, a blueprint.affiloblueprint affiliate marketing program
  • It is a blueprint set out in steps that guide you through the process of creating an affiliate website from the start.
  • There are 12 modules, each module being over-the-shoulder videos, plus notes in PDF format.
  • Each module includes homework to be completed.
  • By following the modules step by step, including completing the homework, you will end the course with a finished website, including the very important fact of getting traffic to this website.


 So, Who Is This Program Really For?

  • AffiloBlueprint is a great affiliate marketing program for beginners as the step by step process means that it is easy to follow for those new to working on the internet.
  • AffiloBlueprint is also great for those who have some experience with working online but are still looking to increase their level of knowledge as well as their income.


Benefits Unique to AffiloBlueprint

  • With your AffiloBlueprint membership you have the use of FREE tools to assist you with everything that needs to be done to make your website successful.
  • You also have FREE website hosting for one year.
  • The training provided within the AffiloBlueprint program is comprehensive.  It covers everything you need to know to become a successful affiliate marketer.


How Much Does AffiloBlueprint Cost?

The cost of AffiloBlueprint is just $197

For that amazingly low price you receive:

  • 90+ Step by step video lessons
  • Downloadable lessons & course notes
  • Private members’ forum
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS: AffiloTheme website builder
  • BONUS: 1-year web hosting for 1 website
  • BONUS: 1-month trial of Affilorama Premiu


What Are the Pros of AffiloBlueprint?

  • AffiloBlueprint will provide you with everything you need to build your first website and become a successful Affiliate Marketer
  • You receive the use of FREE tools to build your website
  • FREE hosting for 1 website for 1 year
  • Access to Mark’s Support Staff  who will answer your questions and also support you with ideas for your website.
  • Your lifetime access to AffiloBlueprint means that you can return to your account at any time in the future if you wish to refresh your affiliate marketing skills.  I can vouch for that as I sometimes revisit my AffiloBlueprint account to check things out.


What Are the Cons of AffiloBlueprint?

  • AffiloBlueprint will provide you with everything you need to build yourself a successful affiliate business.
  • However, AffiloBlueprint will not do the work for you.  When you become a member it is your task to follow the program step by step, including your homework.


Final Verdict

I know from experience that AffiloBlueprint is a great program for learning how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

The fact that AffiloBlueprint is a creation of Mark Ling speaks for itself, as Mark is a person of high integrity who offers only the best of internet marketing programs.

At the low cost of $197 plus the bonuses included with your membership, you would be receiving incredible value for this high quality affiliate marketing program.

2 thoughts on “Review of AffiloBlueprint Affiliate Marketing Program”

  1. Thank you for this information Ms. Valerie. I’ve never heard of AffiloBlueprint until today. I’m bookmarking your website for reference. You have very good material here! A lot of folks can benefit from all the things you share!


    • Thank you very much Don for visiting my website. I am so pleased you are finding helpful content.

      AffiloBlueprint is a good program. It was developed by Mark Ling who owns Affilorama and is a very successful Affiliate Marketer living in New Zealand. I remember when he first started affiliate marketing and it has been interesting to see his business grow and prosper.


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