How to Achieve a Good Bounce Rate for a Website

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Bounce Rates – Why Are They So Important to Success of a Website?

Before answering that question we need to look at what a good bounce rate for a website is. We also need to know the importance of achieving a good bounce rate in relation to the success of a website, and consequently an effect on the future of our business.

If you are new to online marketing it’s understandable that you may be tempted to ignore bounce rates. More than likely you’d prefer to close the door on the subject, with the intention of reopening another day. I couldn’t blame for that.  But, often that other day doesn’t come and a site suffers the consequences.

So, to help you to get your head around bounce rates rather than dismissing the subject, whether temporarily or not, the answer is:

  • Achieving a good bounce rate shows you are doing some really great things on your website.

Having recognized and accepted the importance of bounce rates the next step is extending knowledge on what a bounce rate actually is.

Whether a site shows good bounce rates or suffers from bad rates, without correct knowledge of the subject one would be floundering to make sense of statistics and what they mean.

The Best Tool to Find Bounce Rate Statistics is Google Analytics

If you have a Google Analytics account you’re set to go. Otherwise, opening a Google Analytics account is simple. Search for and proceed from there.

Once set up, your Google Analytics account will provide valuable statistics.

The statistics you will be interested in are the bounce rate of your website. These statistics provide information about the performance of your website. In the Google Analytics report charts for a website, among other statistics, you will see the bounce rate pertaining to individual pages.

Are we Talking About Pages or Posts?

It’s important to note that in Google Analytics all content, whether a Page or Post, is referred to as a Page.

Focus needs to be on individual pages, rather than the bounce rate of an entire website.

We need to find what the bounce rate is for each of page on our site.

To do that, we go to Google Analytics and look for:

What pages do your users visit?  Then click on PAGES REPORT which appears below the list of pages.  This is where you can view statistics of pages visited on your website.

It can be seen in the image below that the bounce rate is 0.50 per cent, which is the average bounce rate of all the posts/pages on that website.















Definition of Bounce Rates on a Website

The bounce rate is a measure showing the percentage of people who land on a website page and leave that page without doing anything. The visitor may have entered another page on the same website, but that entry has no effect on the first page they landed on.

A good bounce rate of a website page indicates that people are enjoying the experience of the page on which they landed.

What is a Good Bounce Rate?

It is recognized that a bounce rate below 40 per cent for a specific page means that visitors enjoyed the experience, therefore spent a longer time on that page.

This proves the importance of including interesting content on every page of website.

What is a Not-So-Good Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate of 60 per cent or greater calls for concern about the user experience on a website.

This does not mean the dread of alarm bells. It is a signal to revisit pages on your site with the intent of improving written text, together with options of including interesting images.

You may consider adding a few questions which will give your readers the opportunity to participate by leaving their answers in the Comments section of that page.

Internal linking between relevant pages should be regular practice when publishing new content.

How Bounce Rates are Calculated

It is Google’s algorithms that rate the quality of content published to a website. The only control we have over Google’s decision is to create content that will provide visitors to our websites with the best knowledge available at a particular time.

Google expects and recognizes the best and most appropriate content on the internet that answers the query of the online visitor.

The image below shows the first three results of websites Google displayed in response to the search what does bounce rate mean.








Strangely, Google’s first choice was a website other than their own site.

Here’s How YOU Can Achieve a Good Bounce Rate for Your Website

There are several steps that can be taken to improve the bounce rate of a website. The most common and easily applied methods are listed below.

  • Review your site’s navigation and make improvements where necessary.
  • Make certain your website is designed to give visitors a great experience.
  • Provide links to all products or services related to individual pages.  Additionally, do a maintenance check to ensure all links are working correctly. If you find broken links, fix them immediately to avoid a bad user experience.
  • Review Titles of every page to ensure each one is relevant to the content within that page.
  • The Keyword of every page needs to be included in the Title of that page.
  • Consider deleting Pop-Ups you’ve included within your content. By including Pop-Ups you risk losing visitors to your site.
  • Delete any other distractions on a page such as videos that start automatically.

The above points are extremely important and need to be noted and adjusted, where necessary. Keep in mind how a visitor to your site will respond to distractions.

People who browse the internet these days looking for products, services or solutions to their problems are fairly well acquainted with what to expect on a site in terms of clarity versus hindrances.

I’m including a video by two bright and cheery ladies talking about bounce rate. I believe they explain the process well.


Treat Visitors to Your Site as You Would Expect to Be Treated

Don’t take the risk of losing a visitor to your website due to delivering a bad experience. It takes time, effort and considerable expertise to attract new or return visitors to a website. Provide your visitors with the best experience possible, and they will return to your site frequently.

Ensure your website is in line with what Google expects in terms of bounce rate.  Keep Google happy and you will reap the benefit of your efforts.

Rest assured, although learning and managing what appears to be technical issues can appear rather troublesome, dealing with them to improve your site is definitely worthwhile in the long run.

Here is a link to Google’s Support article on bounce rates where you can gain more knowledge on this subject.

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Thank you for visiting this article.

I welcome your comments and questions.  Please leave them below.



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  1. This is information that I needed. I am with google analytics and yes, bounce rate is something I kept putting off exploring. I will book mark this post so I can revisit and learn more.

    • Hi Rowena,

      It’s good to know that you found this information and that it will help you to head in the right direction with managing bounce rate on your website. Analytics information that Google provides for websites is extremely valuable and something to definitely take notice of in respect to maintaining our sites.

      Wishing you all the best.

  2. Very informative and the graphics are very helpful. Well done post on the importance of bounce rates.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m pleased you found some information that is helpful to you in respect to bounce rates on websites.

      All the best.

  3. Hello Valerie,

    I just read with great interest your article about how to achieve a good bounce rate for a website and I thank you very much because the information in your article is of great importance to many online marketers.

    I will try to always apply your recommendations to ensure that all links are functional before my articles are made public.

    I thank you again and encourage you to continue educating us with such useful information.

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Thank you very much for your encouraging comment. I am delighted that you found the information about bounce rates to be of interest.

      There is so much to be learned and gained from Google Analytics reports and it took me a long time to recognize the importance of some reports, bounce rates in particular. Having grasped the importance of bounce rates on websites I am eager to help others recognize how they can improve user experience on their site while, at the same time, increasing their own success rate.

      Thank you again.
      Best wishes.

  4. Thanks for all this information today. Something I must do is a bit of maintenance on my site to double check external and internal links are working correctly. I don’t have too many distractions on my site as I do like my visitor to come to my post and read the material.

    But in saying that my bounce rate is a little high. However, I do find the audience that does come is targeted to what I am sending them to and I guess that is the goal at the end of the day.

    You have shown me how to understand the analytics a bit better now so thanks for that!

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for visiting this post and for your comment.

      I’m pleased you found some help regarding analytics as those reports we receive from Google are very important to the success or otherwise of a website.

      It seems that even though the bounce rate of your site is on the high side, visitors are happy with what you’re providing for them. I doubt that you need to make adjustments in that respect, at least for now.

      All the best for the future of your website.


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