Increase Your Earnings as an Amazon Associate

Increase Your Earnings as an Amazon AssociateAlthough this article is currently relevant only if you are an Amazon Associate, it is something to keep in mind for the future.  If you decide on choosing to increase your earnings as an  Amazon Associate, this information will be helpful.

On you can view millions of products. Whatever your website’s niche, you will find products suitable for promoting on your site.

If your site is about dog training, your Amazon Associates account can promote Accessories such as dog collars, leashes, dog beds, dog toys and hundreds of other items.

For a gardening site, as an Amazon Associate you can promote garden tools, plants, ornaments and so on and so forth.  There are thousands of products you can promote.

On a website promoting home décor you can promote lounge furniture, curtains, drapes, mirrors, and the list goes on and on.  Again, there are thousands of items for you to choose from.

Your Website and Amazon Advertisements

What I am talking about here is not building a website specifically to promote Amazon products.  I am referring to adding Amazon advertisements to an existing information or e-commerce website.

Amazon CPM Ads

Increase Your Earnings as an Amazon AssociateThese ads can be easily inserted into a website by placing code provided by Amazon into specific areas of your site.

CPM Ads appear as Banner Ads and work effectively in the Sidebars or within content on a WordPress website.  I am stating WordPress because that is what I work with.

CPM Ads generate earnings not only by receiving clicks. Earnings are also generated from Impressions.

Value of CPM Ads on a Website

My experience shows that CMP Ads generate income every day.  Admittedly the income is low, but it is additional to sales generated.

As of today, being ten days into a new month, two CMP Ads in a website have generated one-third of earnings over the ten days.  This is purely an example and results may be greater or lesser with other websites.

I am of the opinion that CPM Ads are worth a try.  They are simple to insert and just as simple to delete should you decide they are not for your website.

If you decide to continue with CPM Ads the code you have inserted in your website does not need to be replaced.  The code remains on your site and performs the work of showing relevant ads without any adjustment on your part, or the part of the webmaster.

More information about Amazon CPM Ads is available here

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

increase earning with Amazon Associates accountThese Ads are worthwhile investigating.

As with CPM Ads, you insert Amazon Native Shopping Ads ads by placing code relevant to your niche into your website.  Amazon’s code does the job of displaying products appropriate to the post or page on which the code has been inserted.

At the time of writing this post, April 2017, Amazon is paying 12 per cent on Native Ads.  This is a higher percentage rate than usual. This rate is also a special for the month April 2017.

Whatever the earning rate, Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads prove to be of value to certain websites. Certain websites meaning those sites that focus on promoting products, as opposed to predominantly providing information.

More information about Amazon Native Shopping Ads is available here

Is Amazon Associates Right for You

That is a decision for you to make.  Being an Amazon Associate is something I enjoy.  I love the extensive range of products. Also enjoying the ease of promoting Amazon products, plus the benefit of income received from my Amazon Associate account.


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  1. Marion September 10, 2017 at #

    I don’t quite understand the difference between CPM and Native ads. Can you elaborate a little?

    • Valerie Joy September 13, 2017 at #

      Marion, The difference between CPM and Navtive ads is:

      CPM ads pay per the number of impressions whether or not a visitor makes a purchase. Native ads pay per the number of purchases made.

      Thank you for you question and I hope this helps.

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