Is Article Marketing a Worthwhile Strategy in 2017 and Beyond

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is article marketing a worthwhile strategyIs Article Marketing a worthwhile strategy is a much talked about question these days.

In considering this topic it is evident that over the past three to four years there has been many changes in SEO.

These changes have caused the practice of submitting articles to Directories to be less popular the previously.

I remember in about 2012 / 2014 article marketing was a favorite method of getting help with search engine optimization and obtaining back links to websites.  For those who were dedicated content writers, submitting articles to directories such as Ezine Articles was a regular activity with many.

This was something I enjoyed participating in. I remember my first article being accepted by Ezine Articles and it was such a thrill when that happened. My excitement was due to the fact that there were, what seemed to be, so many rules to follow and rather scary at the time that I doubted my ability to produce content to the required level.

Ezine Articles directory was also a great source of information. There were some extremely experienced authors who contributed to the value of content that was available for others to read and learn from. And all this was free of charge.

I am talking about Ezine Articles as though it is in the past. In fact Ezine Articles is still very much alive. Signing up for a free account is just as easy now as it was way back in 2012 when I first started writing those articles I submitted.

Looking at Whether Article Marketing is a Worthwhile Strategy in 2017 and Beyond

My thoughts on article marketing in 2017 and beyond do not necessarily include submitting articles to a Directory such as Ezine Articles, although there is nothing wrong with doing that.  Every well written and published article adds credit to the author.

Articles are abundant on the internet daily. Almost any subject that we wish to read about can be found in an article online. Just type the subject into your browser and you will receive an abundance of information that you can read or study.

Webmasters are constantly seeking quality content for their sites.  This offers opportunities such as Guest Blogging which helps to promote your niche as well as promoting your name and building your reputation as an authority writer.

Another option is producing Freelance Articles which provides a source of income.  A worthwhile investment of time and effort!

The phrase content is king is absolutely true. Fresh content is what makes our websites popular. Without regular, preferably daily, content being posted on websites they will be overlooked. As internet or affiliate marketers we refer to the content we produce as ‘posts’, which are actually ‘articles’. This can be confusing for newbies to online marketing.

To answer the question is article marketing a worthwhile strategy in 2017

My answer is Yes article marketing is definitely worthwhile. In fact it is more than worthwhile, it is the backbone of any website. Without content in the form of articles, a website will be overlooked.

Finally, for those who wish to submit articles to Directories, there is nothing wrong with that.

Authors who do not submit to Articles Directories but post daily to websites are certainly contributing worthwhile content for all to enjoy.

This content is a form of article marketing to be enjoyed.

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