Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Candid Opinion


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy affiliate reviewThis Wealthy Affiliate review describes a unique learning program designed to teach affiliate marketing skills to people who desire to earn income by developing their own online business.  By following Wealthy Affiliate, anyone who is serious about making money working from home will be successful when they make a commitment to observe and act on the training available in this state-of-the-art affiliate marketing program.

The Wealthy Affiliate program provides for people of all ages and all stages of learning internet marketing.  Because of the tools provided within the program, together with the stage by stage learning, plus the free option available, this internet platform is absolutely worthwhile investigating.


Who is the Founder of Wealthy Affiliate?

The Founders of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle and Carson, two Internetwealthy affiliate founders Entrepreneurs from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, who founded the company in 2005.  Since then, Wealthy Affiliate has become a hub for online business training, and connects with hundreds of thousands of aspiring affiliate marketers developing their businesses online with training from these two inspirational Internet tycoons.

Both Kyle and Carson take pleasure from assisting others to reach their own goals and targets so as to succeed in their individual businesses of affiliate marketing.

These two amazing entrepreneurs form a great team; Kyle with a strong interest in development of ideas, authoring, and marketing aspects of internet business.  He also enjoys participating in the WA community, and I often see his messages of encouragement or offer of assistance to members; I have received such messages myself.

Carson’s background is in Computer Science and he takes pleasure from working with technology and social education platforms.  Carson also enjoys participation with members of the WA community, on Live Chat and on his blog.


What does the Wealthy Affiliate program provide?

There are two training levels offered by Wealthy Affiliate

  • Starter
  • Premium

The Starter level is FREE and grants 7 days access to the full program

Comparison between Starter and Premium Levels:

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I can honestly say that in my almost 8 years of affiliate marketing I have never found a training program that offers the generosity that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

7 days FREE of cost allows more than ample time to:

  • Get to know the program
  • Introduce yourself to the community
  • Ask as many questions as you need to
  • Build up to 2 websites
  • and more

wealthy affiliate review free membership

FREE membership continues to be available for life but has limited access after
completion of 7 days.

 Access to ALL Benefits is Available to Premium members

  • With Premium membership you have full access to extensive training of more than 1,000 trustworthy modules, meaning that these modules are training presented by Kyle or Carson within the Classrooms of WA.
  • Video training is included along with written training.
  • Weekly training webinars are available to Premium members and a replay is made available per email for those members who are unable to attend the live session.
  • FREE highest quality hosting of up to 25 SiteRubix websites.
  • Constant 24/7 access to the WA community for support. A member never needs to feel ‘lost’ or ‘stuck’ – there are always members available, including Kyle and Carson, to answer questions and give support.wealthy affiliate review


 So, Who Is This Program Really For?

The Wealthy Affiliate program is structured for:

  • Absolute newbies.  in other words – beginners setting out on their first affiliate marketing experience
  • Intermediate level affiliate marketers
  • Advanced affiliate marketers
  • Stay at Home Mums
  • Early Retirement Seekers
  • Additional Income Seekers
  • Those with a passion for Internet Marketing
  • Anyone who has a desire to experience the awesome life available through becoming a successful Affiliate Marketer


Why Would Advanced Affiliate Marketers Need Wealthy Affiliate?

In this fast moving digital world we are now living in the running of all businesses, whether online or offline, changes frequently, including the running of an affiliate marketing business.

In view of these constant changes, investing in Wealthy Affiliate at Premium Level ensures the member of a constantly updated source of information that will assist in ongoing development or improvement of their affiliate marketing business.


How Much Does it Cost to Become a Member?

  • Starter membership is FREE
  • Upgrade to Premium membership for just $19 for your first month
  • Second month and onwards – Premium membership is $49 per month
  • Enjoy a fantastic saving of 36 per cent on Premium membership by paying Annually. 
    This saving is another reflection of the generosity of the Founders, Kyle and Carson, to assist and encourage Wealthy Affiliate members to succeed as successful Affiliate Marketers.


What Are the Pros of Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Top A1 quality training in Affiliate Marketing
  • Plan of Action clearly defined
  • Step by Step video training covering Beginners through to Advanced Affiliate Marketers
  • Owners, Kyle and Carson, are active in answering members’ questions 24/7
  • Owners, Kyle and Carson, are active in personal encouragement of each member, to ensure the member’s success
  • 24/7 support from the WA community of thousands of members working at varying levels of their businesses
  • The Wealthy Affiliate community is second to none when it comes to responding to members’ questions. The support received from this community is greater than any other community or forum I have previously experienced.
  • Free hosting of 2 websites at Starter Level.
  • Free hosting of 25 websites at Premium Level.
  • Weekly FREE Webinar Training – Each week offers different and invaluable training such as ‘Getting traffic’, Google accounts, Google+ accounts, Registering your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so much more.


What Are the Cons of Wealthy Affiliate?

  • At Starter Level, full training is available for the first 7 days only.
  • On completion of the first 7 days at Starter Level, training is restricted.
  • There is a subscription cost for Premium Level.
  • Your own time management requires strict focus. It is easy to lose track of time when one gets involved in this amazingly helpful community.


Final Verdict

From my experience over the past 7 plus years of Affiliate Marketing, Wealthy Affiliate is the answer to becoming successful as an Affiliate Marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Level is extremely helpful for exploring one’s opportunities for earning an income online. The Wealthy Affiliate Starter Level is totally unique.  I do not know of any other Affiliate Marketing program that offers FREE training.  To my awareness, all other Affiliate Marketing training programs require payment upfront before any resource of the program is released.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Level provides all the tools one requires to become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

The Wealthy Affiliate training within the Classrooms, Weekly Webinars, as well as the Wealthy Affiliate Community are far in advance of any other Affiliate Marketing program I have experienced.

My overall rating of Wealthy Affiliate support is 5 Star plus.

Over and above all these attributes, the mental stimulation one receives from the Wealthy Affiliate community is hugely inspiring and encouraging.  New ideas, and greater ideas, spring to my mind by the hour.

For anyone who has a desire to earn income from home, or online, I highly recommend exploring the qualities of Wealthy Affiliate at the FREE Starter Level.  At Starter Level you have nothing to lose, but much to gain!


I look forward to you being the next Affiliate Marketer’s Success


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4 Responses to Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Candid Opinion

  1. deb August 31, 2015 at 3:40 am #

    Hi Valerie

    As one of the Ambassador’s on WA says this is Awesome Sauce!! A very candid, thoughtful and considered site with great information. I think you should make more of the annual subscription. From recollection it’s about a 30% reduction and not to be sniffed at.



  2. Valerie Joy August 31, 2015 at 3:54 am #

    Hi Deb

    Many thanks for the feedback. It is awesome!


  3. Ronnie August 31, 2015 at 6:22 am #

    Hi Val,

    Very candid write up. Cheers for your hard work. See ya around in WA 🙂


    • Valerie Joy September 1, 2015 at 2:36 am #

      Hi Ronnie

      Thanks so much for your comment.
      I appreciate it.


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