5 Worst Mistakes of New Affiliate Marketers

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The thought of starting a business by becoming an affiliate marketer raises a certain level of excitement within anyone who thinks about taking this step.

Being able to work from home, either full-time or part-time is a huge attraction.  Knowing that there is money to be made online with affiliate marketing can relieve a lot of tension with an individual, or a family, due to the thought of money being deposited frequently into their online Bank account.

The most often asked question of a new affiliate marketer is – How long does it take to make money?

That is a huge question and certainly it is not the most productive question to focus on!

Better questions would be:

  • What is the first step I will need to take to build my business?
  • Where can I find the right information to help me to get started online?
  • When can I expect to have my website up and running?

Therefore, the question of how long it takes to make money could be the Number One worst mistake made by new affiliate marketers.

However, I haven’t included that question in the list of mistakes simply because I understand how anxious and excited someone new to affiliate marketing can be.

To get to the point of this post,

5 Worst Mistakes of New Affiliate Marketers

1.  Attempting to promote products without a website

  • Having your own website is essential to building a successful affiliate marketing business.
  • Trying to promote affiliate products using Google Adsense, FaceBook or other social media without your own website will not work, certainly not long term.
  • Most Affiliate Programs require the domain name of your website before they will approve you or your business as an affiliate of their product.
  • As the owner of your affiliate marketing business your website supports you with a level of authority.

2. Attempting to promote the wrong affiliate program

  • Your choice of an affiliate program is something not to be taken lightly.
  • If you decide to promote a product that you do not have a good knowledge of, or one that does not appeal to you, your interest in the product will decline. Also, your lack of knowledge of the product, as well as your disinterest will eventually be evident.
  • Ideally, promoting a product related to something you are passionate about, a hobby or a profession you are involved in will benefit you in the long run.

3. Attempting to promote too many products at one time

  • It is far better to promote fewer products at one time and do your promotion well, rather than trying to promote many products and not do justice to those products.
  • When promoting other people’s products, being the job of an affiliate marketer, it takes time to find the best method of promotion.  For instance, using good keywords and writing appropriate content to support your marketing takes time and effort.
  • Marketing too many products at one time is not the best strategy to use. This certainly applies to a new, or inexperienced affiliate marketer.

4. Promoting products with a lack of quality reviews

  • When promoting a product of any kind, whether it is your own product or that of an affiliate vendor, writing a quality review of each product is essential.  You need to know the product or service to the extent of writing an honest and genuine review.
  • Visitors to your website will move away quickly if they feel doubtful of your promotion and/or your accompanying review.
  • Visitors to the internet are sophisticated these days.  They know what to look for, and most of all they look for trust within a website.  That trust must come from you as the owner of the site.

5. Not having faith in your skills as an affiliate marketer

  • Even though you are new to affiliate marketing, it is important that you have faith enough in yourself to believe that you are capable of learning the skills to a high level.
  • Through your website it is essential that you project a sense of trust and proof that you are a proficient affiliate marketer, who provides honest information about the products you are promoting.

Finally, owning an affiliate marketing business is a great way to earn income online.  However, as with any business, it takes time to develop a foundation on which to grow a means that will bring traffic to your website resulting in financial gain.

Patience and continuing dedication to building a website and learning the strategies of affiliate marketing will result in a profitable online business that you are able to operate from your home, or wherever you desire.

Wishing you the very best in your aim of building a profitable online business

I welcome your comments and questions. Please leave them in space provided below.

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4 thoughts on “5 Worst Mistakes of New Affiliate Marketers”

  1. Hi Valerie,

    I have been a Wealthy Affiliate for 11 months and from what you say I might be on the right path. I say ‘might’ because I have spent all my time learning skills and building 2 web sites. I have thought about marketing, but have yet to promote any products on my sites or write any reviews.

    Most of my time is spent developing skills and FAITH in my ability to monetize the two websites. Is building TRUST the most critical activity I can do at this point? If it is not them I am on the wrong path. I was in 3 or 4 MLM’s in the past where you tried to sell relatives and friends first of all. This time I am trying to focus on strangers and trying to find products/services that help meet their needs and furthers their passion.

    The genealogy site is a concern for me as I don’t want my relatives to think I am just doing it for just money and I plan to make it very clear before hand that I am an Affiliate Marketer and could be receiving a commission if they click on an ad on one of my pages.


    • Hi Roger

      Thanks for visiting my site and for your comment. You are definitely doing the right thing by learning the skills of affiliate marketing. As with anything we take on in this life, studying and learning is a most valuable use of our time.

      Building trust is right at the top of the list when building a website. And, alongside ‘trust’ is ‘quality content’. Content must be relevant to the niche of the website. Content must be well written as in grammar and spelling. Content must also be engaging and informative. It must hold the interest of the visitor to a website. If a visitor clicks on a post or page and leaves within seconds, it is detrimental to ranking of that website. Search engines are extremely smart these days. They are programmed to know exactly whey they are looking for.

      I expect you want your genealogy site to grow far beyond just relatives visiting it. Look at the broad picture of genealogy. Yes, a niche should be narrow, but not so narrow that it is for your family viewing only.

      Kind regards

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for visiting my site and for your comment. I’m pleased to be of help as there is so much to be learnt when starting out as an affiliate marketer.

    I wish you much success with growing your internet business.


  3. Hi Valerie, Thanks for the very informative post. As someone new to WA, it is great to be provided with these 5 valid points. I will certainly make sure that I don’t make these mistakes! Thanks again and I will be sure to keep these in mind as I move forward.


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