What Is Adsense and How Does It Work

What is Adsense and How Does It Work?

On reading questions similar to what is Adsense and how does it work it is clear there is a wide interest in learning more about the subject of Google Adsense. What is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is a program owned by Google.  It is a method whereby website owners (publishers) place advertisements on their website. Income […]

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Goal Setting_cmpd

How To Set Goals For Yourself and Achieve Them

The question of how to set goals for yourself and achieve them is quite a loaded question, having two parts to it. To set goals that will be of benefit, careful and timely consideration needs to be given to the process. How the goals will be achieved is a second step to look at.  Although […]

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Creating a Custom Menu in WordPress Websites

A custom menu is essential to the navigation of a WordPress website, or any type of webiste. Although creating a custom menu in a WordPress website is easy to do, it can be a little complicated at a first attempt .  I remember experiencing difficulty when I started my first WordPress website. It should not have been […]

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How To Take A Screenshot On a Windows Computer

How to take a screenshot that will help to enhance a website is important to understand. A screenshot is an image taken from the screen of your computer, or laptop. Rather than taking a photo of your screen with a camera or a mobile phone, you use keys on your computer to capture an image. […]

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