Learn How to Get Your Website Indexed in Google

How to Get Your Website Index in Google

Updated February 2022 Learning how to get your website indexed in Google is one of the first steps to success with an online business. Being aware of the procedures that lead to the indexing of a website by Google is essential. The procedures are simple …

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How to Improve Your Writing With Grammarly – Review

Improve Your Writing with Grammarly

How Confident Are You With Creating Quality Online Content? If you are passionate about and successful with creating content for online publication, this review may not be of interest to you. On the other hand, passion does not always result in success. Often something is …

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How To Actually Get Free Traffic To Your Blog

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog

Updated July 2022 This post is intended to help those new to online marketing learn how to actually get free traffic to your blog, or website. Creating content that will hold the interest of visitors looking for answers to their problems, is the greatest component …

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Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

Network Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

Speak the words Affiliate Marketing to some people and watch their hair stand on end. Well, you may not have experienced such an event. Be thankful for that if Affiliate Marketing is your thing. Judgment is so often passed immediately on hearing the spoken word, …

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How You Can Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money

It is quite common to see questions about whether affiliate marketing can be done without spending money. If that is something you are interested in, the good news is, you can start affiliate marketing without spending any money. As it is with learning most things, …

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What is the Benefit of Keyword Research in 2018 Onwards

What is the Benefit of Keyword Research

In 2018 and beyond is there really a need for keyword research, some may ask. My response is ‘yes – keyword research continues to be important, particularly in terms of search engine optimization’. In reality, benefits of keyword research are many in spite of the …

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Benefits of Making Money Online in Affiliate Marketing

Making Money Online in Affiliate Marketing

Updated August 2021 Making money online in Affiliate Marketing is a method of producing income familiar to most internet marketers. If you are looking for an alternative way to earn income, or an additional stream of income, working from home in Affiliate Marketing could be the right …

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Learn How to Add a Category in WordPress Websites

How to Add Categories in WordPress

Last update 5/31/2021 Learn how to add a category in WordPress websites thereby improving the experience of visitors to your site. Gaining a good understanding of the correct procedure for Categories in WordPress before publishing to a new website, is something to take notice of. …

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – What You Need to Know

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

If browsing the internet is something you’re familiar with, no doubt you will have seen reference to affiliate marketing. But, do you know what this subject is about. Surprisingly, a Google search reveals there are currently 24,900,000 people asking the question ‘what is affiliate marketing’. …

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Publish to Your Website Frequently for Best Results

Publish to Your Website

Have you ever created and published a website only to learn that its nowhere to be found by anyone other than yourself? Millions of websites are out there in Cyberspace, each one having been created for a reason. Site owners believe their instructional website will …

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How to Stay Focused While Working From Home

How to Stay Focused While Working from Home

Updated January 2022 How to stay focused while working from home is one of my favourite subjects. The reason being, as I encourage you to do certain things it is a reminder to myself to continue to practice what I preach, as the saying goes. …

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Comments On a Website – What Is the True Value

Comments on a Website

Have you ever wondered about comments on a website or blog and whether they hold any real value? In my early days of owning a website, I had little knowledge of the reason for comments. I visited websites where comments were plentiful. I also visited …

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Know How To Be Successful With Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to this Post. No doubt, because you’re here you have some interest in making money online and would like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing. And that’s absolutely great. Affiliate Marketing is a method of earning income which has become extremely popular in recent …

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What is the Cost of Owning a Website in 2018

what is the cost of a website

Anyone taking their first steps at online communication may be wondering how they can get started. Even in these times with so many people on the internet, there are still those who start from scratch with their own website. If you are new to the idea …

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How to Make Money Working at Home in 2018 & Beyond

how to make money working at home

With a new year fast approaching and a desire to increase next year’s earnings it’s time to look at opportunities and options available to you. In this digital era we are living in there are numerous opportunities for working from home. However, I am listing …

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What is the Importance of Long Tail Keywords

what is the importance of long tail keywords

In the role of Internet Marketer, we are aware of the importance of keywords to the success of a website. However, are we recognizing the importance of long tail keywords, and how essential are they to the latest post we are writing? Maybe a better …

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How Many WordPress Plugins Are Too Many

how many wordpress plugins are too many

If there is one subject about websites that arises more than any other, it must be about plugins. I’m not talking about any old plugins if such exist. It’s WordPress plugins that raise lengthy discussions.  If you are working with WordPress it is almost certain …

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How to Avoid the Hazards of Shiny Objects Syndrome

Avoid Hazards of Shiny Objects Syndrome

Updated April 2022 Have you ever imagined that shiny objects could be anything other than desirable?  The idea of a shiny object being a hazard may not have occurred to you.  I certainly had never imagined anything other than excitement, beauty or happiness when thinking …

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What Is Organic Traffic and Why Do I Need It?

I well remember my early days of internet marketing asking myself what is organic traffic and why do I need it. I had so many questions but nobody to answer them.  None of my friends or family was interested in the internet, so I was …

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