Are Headlines Really Important to the Success of Blog Posts?

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are headlines really importantAre headlines really important to the success of blog posts is a subject I have been pondering over for quite some time.

After reading several publications relating to expert writing skills it seems that it is essential  to believe what we are told about writing Great Headlines.

Apparently there is no way around it. Headlines are what we must give serious thought to before we start writing a blog post.

I believe that my job as an affiliate marketer would be so much easier if I didn’t need to worry about those first words called Headlines.  If I could just write a headline that seems appropriate to the subject, wouldn’t that be good enough?

Apparently it would not be good enough!

A Headline needs to grab the attention of the reader, so it is said.

Headlines should include:

Emotion words, power words, common words, and uncommon words.

But then Headlines need to include keywords!

Well that is fine, but what happens if keywords do not contain all those required types of words?

Then that is time to return to the drawing board, so to speak, and start all over again by re-thinking our actions.

Because it is a recognized fact that Headlines really are important, I believe it is worthwhile changing my mode of thinking and acknowledging the professionals who so willingly share their expertise.

If we stop to think about how Google has taken steps over the past four or five years to make the internet a more beneficial place for sharing content, then it would be wise to respect that and take notice of valuable advice available for our advantage.

Returning to the Subject of Are Headlines Really Important

I have to give in to the importance of Headlines even though they don’t always work alongside my keywords.

Seriously, I want to get my content read.  Why should anyone read what I write if I don’t take the time to prepare it well and present it with a Suitable Headline.

The entire process of writing content for any purpose should be taken seriously.  Even if the content is of a humorous or frivolous nature, it still should be well written, and that includes the Headline.

Readers should be respected by writers providing content that is quality in its entirety.  Meaning that content should be grammatically correct and relevant to the subject as appears in the Headline of the blog post, or article.

Additionally, in the role of affiliate marketers we wish to have our content read and for that to happen, what we produce needs to be appealing and informational.

Affiliate marketing, although well known by many, still is an unknown subject to thousands of people.  Maybe many of the thousands have heard the term affiliate marketing but do not understand what it is.  Therefore it is the job of today’s affiliate marketers to make it clear just what our businesses are about.  We can do that through the presentation of well written content presented on our websites.

A Tool to Help You to Create Great Headlines

So now I am going to share with you my favorite tool that will help you to write Great Headlines that will get read.

Interestingly, from my point of view, the Headline of this post ‘Are Headlines Really Important to the Success of Blog Posts’ received an A+ rating from this tool.

I do hope you enjoy the experience of creating Great Headlines with CoSchedule.

Please click here to get access to the tool.   And have fun!

Thank you for reading this post.

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