How to Get the Best Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing


How to Choose the Best Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing Websites?

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Choosing the best Domain Name for affiliate marketing can be a tricky decision if you allow yourself to get too involved with the ins and outs, or dos and don’ts, of domain names.

In saying that, it’s important to make a good decision on the right domain for your website. To make that good decision you need to be armed with the correct information about how your domain name influences your website

I have learned from my own experience the importance of buying the right domain. Due to not having the necessary information available to me when I first started affiliate marketing I found it a bit hard to make a decision on the right domain to choose, and that’s what I mean by the ins and outs, and dos and don’ts.

So much time and energy can be wasted when not knowing exactly what to focus on in the choice of a domain for your website

Knowing what a Domain Name is and how it works for your website removes the uncertainty or confusion about how to decide on the domain you so anxiously want to settle on.

Moving on With Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Affiliate Marketing Websites 

When you purchase your Domain Name it becomes your property. Your domain is an asset, and the address of your website. It is something to be valued as without a domain your don’t have a website.

Additionally, your Domain Name should appear professional and trustworthy.  Preferably it will be made up of between 2 to 4 words.

There are different schools of thought about the choice of Domain Names. Some recommend that a Domain Name should be the keyword of your website. For example, if the title of your website is ‘How To Juice Fruit’ you would want your Domain to be

Others recommend having your Domain Name as your Brand.  For example if your Brand is ‘Best Fresh Seasonal Fruits’ a Brand Domain could be anything related to fruit.

By using a Brand Domain rather than a keyword rich domain could make the decision of choosing a domain name easier.  This is because to get the exact domain to match your keywords is not so easy these days with the vast number of websites on the internet.

The Extension of Your Domain

Domain ExtensionThis brings us to your domain extension which preferably would be a dot com (.com), or dot org (.org)  as a second choice, or dot net (.net) as a third choice.

Why a dot com Extension?

A dot com domain extension is considered to be the most credible; it receives Google’s search preference over other extensions.

Dot Com is the extension that the majority of people will use when typing a domain name into a search bar. The person searching can remember the domain name but not the extension, so .com is the most likely choice they will make to find a website.


4 ‘Must Do’ Actions Before Choosing Your Best Domain Name

1.  Be absolutely definite that you are happy with the niche, or subject, that you have chosen for you website.
2. Do your research on Google to be sure that there are a large number of people searching for products in your chosen niche.
3. Do your research to be sure there are affiliate programs promoting products for sale in your chosen niche.
4. Do your keyword research to help you decide on the name of your website. This will help with deciding on whether to choose a keyword rich domain name or to go with a brand domain

Having completed items 1 to 4 above you will have decided on the name of your new website.  It’s now time to focus on what your Domain Name will be.

Getting Back to Your Keyword Research, You can Go to and Enter the Name of Your Niche into the Search Bar.

As an example only let’s look at a website around ‘juicing’ (See image below). For instance I entered ‘ how to juice fruit’ and received the following results:

Best Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing






If the name of my website is ‘How To Juice Fruit’ then I would purchase the domain name ‘’

But, if the name of my website is ‘How to Juice Fruits Without a Juicer’ I would purchase the domain ‘

Notice I have not included ‘how to’ because this is a long domain name. To include ‘howto’ would make the domain much too long.

Be Aware of the Length of Your Domain Name

If you look at the domain name ‘ it is too long. There are 34 letters in (including the dot) and I suggest that you attempt to limit the length of your domains to 30 letters or less.

Believe it or not, sometimes people go for long domain names because they can’t find a shorter version. I recommend that you spend  as much time as needed to find the right domain name. Your Domain costs money to purchase and to renew annually or for as many years as you choose to renew it, so endeavor to make the best choice you possibly can.

Keyword Research

Using a Keyword Research tool will give you greater results to work with and help you to decide on the right domain name.

How to Juice














If you don’t have access to a reliable keyword research tool I recommend you try the Free version of Jaxxy. This is an amazing tool that provides all the information you need.  You can get limited access FREE for 30 days.  These 30 days of FREE access give you ample time to choose a domain name or two.


Where to Purchase Your Domain Name

I recommend purchasing your domain from as their domains are reasonably priced.  Also, you can go to their website and enter different ideas to see if that Domain is available.

Take Time to Choose Your Domain Name Wisely

As I have already explained, taking the time to choose the right Domain Name for your website is important.  You can’t change it once you have made the purchase.  As you build your website you can, and no doubt will, change content from time to time.  But, you can’t change your Domain Name. Once you have made the purchase of the Domain it is yours. There are no refunds on Domain Names.  So choose carefully.

I trust that this information has helped you with your choice of the best Domain Name for your website.

If you have any questions you are welcome to leave them in the Comments at the end of the Post.

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2 Responses to How to Get the Best Domain Name for Affiliate Marketing

  1. Efi Azulay August 31, 2016 at #

    Hi Valerie,
    What a great and helpful page.
    You gave me a lot of valuable that I didn’t know before.
    I didn’t realize that google finds .com extension more credible than others extension.
    So if I already chose .org extension, you think it is better for me to move it to .com extension?
    I already using this extension for the last 3 months.

    • Valerie Joy September 1, 2016 at #

      Hi Efi

      Thanks for your comment. I am pleased you found the post to be helpful.

      With regard to your .org extension; due to having used this for 3 months I do not recommend changing to a .com
      Changing the extension now could cause problems with seo and also problems with 404 errors. Please leave your website as it is.

      If you happen to start another website within the next 12 months it could be worthwhile using a .com extension.
      Keep in mind that online functions such as algorithms change frequently meaning that what works right now may not be the case in 12 months or so.

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