Comments On a Website – What Is the True Value

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Have you ever wondered about comments on a website or blog and whether they hold any real value?

In my early days of owning a website, I had little knowledge of the reason for comments. I visited websites where comments were plentiful. I also visited many websites that provided for comments to be left but it appeared that no-one was interested.  I used to feel a little sorry for the website owner, but it didn’t occur to me contribute. What would be the benefit of one lonely looking comment, particularly if the owner didn’t respond?

My very first WordPress website built in 2010 began to receive comments soon after publishing the first post. Wow, that seemed great. How did people find my website when it was brand new? It was quite exciting for a while, but WordPress was sending reminders to reply to these comments. It wasn’t long before I learned there was such a thing as spam robots, and they were having a grand party on my new website.

The only thing I could do was to disallow comments on that website. That is exactly what I did.

Because I had no idea of the value that comments can add to a website, I let the matter go and didn’t realize what I was missing.

Are You Happy to Leave Comments on Websites You Visit?

What are your thoughts about leaving comments on a website you visit? Is this something you enjoy doing, or would rather leave this for someone else to do?

Do you read and absorb the meaning of what appears on a website, enough to write a comment before you leave the site?

Many visitors just skim over important content. Consequently, there is not much of value they can write as a comment.

Some people just aren’t cut out for leaving comments on another person’s website. I admit I was like that in my early days of visiting websites.

All those websites I visited over two or three years and could have added value. I didn’t know or think about what my comment may have done for that website owner. All I could think in those days was that my comment would not have been good enough.

Consider the Website Owner When Writing Comments

Comments on a WebsiteThere are those who enjoy writing complimentary comments about their experience on the site they are visiting. I have read some amazing comments left by sincere visitors, and it is always pleasing to read well written and genuine comments. Well written comments do add value to a website

On very few occasions I have read some really negative, and sometimes greatly unpleasant comments left on a website. However, I believe those instances are uncommon. Being argumentative in a written comment is rather unfair. The author is often not immediately available to give an answer or start a conversation, as in a live chat session. It could be said it is better and much kinder to move from a site and look elsewhere if the content isn’t pleasing enough to the reader.

On the other hand, negative comments are not always bad. A negative comment written in a polite manner can be helpful to a website owner. The site owner could be rather put out when first reading, but on second thoughts often something positive comes out of the negativity.

Importance of Leaving Relevant Comments

If there is one thing more important than any other when leaving comments on website, it is relevancy. Comments not relevant to the content on a web page are a nuisance and will be deleted by website owners. Irrelevant comments could be considered as spam. There are website owners who will take advantage of a poorly written, or irrelevant comment by editing it so that it makes sense.

Occasionally I have read comments where the writer has explained their comment was not one hundred percent related to the subject of a specific article. They have taken the opportunity to ask a question. An action such as this would usually be accepted and answered, in the knowledge that the comment was left with good intent.

So, Why Do Website Owners Request Comments On Their Site?

The truth is that quality comments add value to the particular post or article, as well as the website on which they appear. A website owner attempting to improve SEO results will appreciate the additional word count generated by comments.

When we do the maths we find that adding 10 comments of 100 words to a post of 1,000 words, the end result is approximately a 2000 word post. As long as comments are well written the additional word count is of value.

In 2018, the search engines are looking for quality content of considerable length. The 500 hundred word posts are now a thing of the past.

Let’s Not Forget the Visitor Who Leaves a Comment

Why do visitors to a website use their valuable time leaving comments? Surely they must have a reason for doing so.

Not every person who visits a website is an online marketer. There are hundreds of thousands of people who browse the internet to gain knowledge. This could be educational, social or they are looking to purchase a product. Some visitors want to have their say, and that’s fair enough.

Online marketing is now a huge industry and the majority of websites owners are keen to get links back to their website. By leaving comments on a website other than their own, they have the ability to gain a link to their website.

Not all website owners take advantage of gaining a link. These people leave comments because they genuinely are interested in the subject and wish to add value.

Should Every Website Allow Comments?

Comments on a websiteThis is something to be considered.

If your website includes a blog it is appropriate to allow comments.

Whatever type of website you own, there is no strict rule about allowing or disallowing comments. It is a matter of choice.

However, one very important fact to remember is: If your website allows comments, it is essential to take time to respond to every comment received.

A comment allowed but left unanswered can be seen as disinterest of the website owner.

Make sure that Comments ‘must be manually approved’. This alerts you, as website owner, to respond at the same time as approving a comment.

To leave or not to leave comments on a website is a bigger subject than one may imagine. This post provides some essential facts as well as a certain amount of ‘food for thought.

To learn more about how to manage comments on a website I invite you to join me at Wealthy Affiliate. This will cost you nothing other than your time and you’re sure to learn much more about websites while you’re there.

Please leave your comments and/or questions below.

Thank you.



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8 thoughts on “Comments On a Website – What Is the True Value”

  1. I kinda knew that comments help with google rankings. Wasn’t entirely clear on how. But yeah, adding extra content makes sense.

    Also, sometimes people make good points that you didn’t necessarily think about, then you can change or tweak your article to take them into consideration. Even the negative ones, can spur debate, leading to additional ones.

    • Hi Dave, thanks for visiting my post and leaving your comment.

      As you say, it helps considerably with additional content when people raise points the writer hadn’t included in a post.  Positive or negative comments are all valuable.

  2. Valerie,

    My wife and I just started our own blog and have been talking about this exact topic. Our first couple of posts people were engaged and leaving comments, we of course answered them back, but the last few posts people haven’t been leaving anything, even though we are still getting traffic. It’s discouraging in a way because if our readers don’t like any of the new content we would love to hear why and try something different.

    I’m glad you posted this because I believe many viewers do not realize how important leaving comments are in both improving the content the website owner creates, and helping those blogs or website increase in search engine rank.

    Since starting our own blog, I have been much more willing to leave comments on peoples sites and social media pages, because I was one that often did not. So, thank you again for this post hopefully it will help spread the word on the importance of site comments.

    – Niko

    • Hi Niko,

      Thank you very much for your comment.  I understand how you feel disappointed with the lack of comments left on your posts. 

      I’m not sure what we can do to increase the number of comments received other than asking questions of our readers.

      Over the years I’ve seen posts with amazing numbers of comments.  I think the comments have been initiated by the writer, with maybe just one question.

      I think there is need for a study on how to attract comments.  Maybe that’s something we could look into.

  3. This is so interesting but at the same time oh so sad. It made me remember that some comments are just robots or known as spam. I don’t like it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your insight.
    Me don’t like; boo!!!!!!!!!1
    But thank you at he same time
    Made me recall many things.

    • Linda, thanks so much for leaving your comment. I’m sure nobody likes spam except for the spammers. Then, I wonder how much they like spam on their own websites. Maybe they don’t have websites!

      I’m not sure what you mean when you say ‘me don’t like, boo…….!’.  But I accept it and maybe someone will enlighten me.

      Thanks again, and blessings to you.

  4. What an interesting subject to talk about Valerie. I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this. Quite unique.

    I have a few issues when it comes to comments.

    I have a couple of sites where comments are enabled. I do get some lengthy ones and then some moderate ones. I must admit that I get bit annoyed when someone does offer just a few words. But in hindsight they did take the time to write and it does add to the post.

    I have had a few negative comments but I have been professional about it and replied to them and tried to give a positive response. There is no point in flying off the handle.

    For me comments are there to either give positive feedback on the site or post, or to ask a query. That is why I have set up a notification button so that people know that I have replied to their comment. This has helped me to communicate better with my visitors.

    One last thing that I would like to say on this subject. I do get a little annoyed, (I shouldn’t really), that website owners don’t reply to these comments, or that they may rely days or weeks later. It just shows that the owner doesn’t care. I always give the bestest response that I can and promptly as I can as well.

    • Owain, you know how Murphy’s Law behaves. Without doubt it’s 99 per cent certain you will see more posts in the near future about comments.

      With regard to those few words people leave in comments, I feel as you do. But, if we stop to think about some people new to leaving website comments, maybe they have ‘stage fright’. I know I was extremely hesitant amount leaving comments on a website until I realized the value to the website owner.

      It’s interesting you mention about the owners who just don’t care enough to reply to comments they receive. I see that often. All I can think is that they are very busy webmasters. Even so, that is no excuse. If only they realized that visitors to their site viewing the lack of responses to comments does not help with building trust.

      Thanks Owain for taking the time to leave your comment. It is much appreciated.


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