How to Avoid Penalties of Copyright Infringement Law

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how to avoid penalties of copyright infringement lawHow to avoid penalties of Copyright Infringement Law is essential for every Affiliate Marketer to be aware of.  Whether the content is online or offline, copyright infringement is a serious act of dishonesty that nobody could possibly be proud of.

Not only does Copyright Infringement Law apply to written content, it also applies to the use of published photographs, music, architecture and most creative content.

What this relates to is that the majority of publications, whether online or offline, are copyright protected.

In what way is an Affiliate Marketer affected by Copyright Infringement Law?

For their own security, all affiliate marketers need to be consciously aware that the content on other websites is protected by the Copyright Infringement Law.  In no way should anyone, at any time, copy and use the work of others without giving accreditation.

Whether or not the works of other people are done by professionals or amateurs, once the work has been published online or offline consider it to be covered by Copyright Infringement Law.

Why would anybody copy the work of another?

It is a known fact that there are some unscrupulous people who do not respect others. They steal the works of other people without giving it a second thought.

How people can be so dishonest that they will claim right to another’s work is beyond understanding.

People of various talents use their time and effort to produce and publish works for the benefit of all who wish to access these publications.  ‘Benefit’ meaning that the publication is available to read, view or listen to.  It is not available for others to copy and use as their own material.

Copying and using the work of another person is called “plagiarism”.

Plagiarism means the act of using others’ words or ideas as their own, without giving credit to the person who created the work.

Crediting the creator of the work

Giving credit to the creator of any work is called “accreditation”

Accreditation is a practice that affiliate marketers need to become familiar with, particularly with the use of other people’s images.

How and When to Use Accreditation

Inserting an image into a post or page on your website is the most likely time you will need to give accreditation.

Due to the necessity to include at least one image in every post, the matter of accreditation requirement is important to note.

There are some websites that provide images free to use without accreditation.

Other websites provide images that require accreditation.

This is a large subject that will not be dealt with in detail in this post, but it will be dealt with on this website shortly.

What I can tell you know is that images free to use without accreditation are available from

Pixabay has a vast number of images available under a selection of categories.

More information about how to avoid penalties of Copyright Infringement Law is available by visiting this website which provides more details information about plagiarism.

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