How To Write Content That Will Delight Your Readers

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You have the foundation of your website up and you can hardly wait for the day when you launch your site.   You imagine all those people searching the web for information related to your niche, and landing on your brand new website.

Of course, you are excited about your first website and can’t wait to see how many people read your articles, blogs and comments left by visitors to your site.

Before your site reaches that stage, you need to take time to plan your content.

For Best Results Create a Schedule

Setting a schedule of how often you will post articles will benefit the growth of your website.

Taking adequate time to plan how to write content for your new website will bring you greater results than rushing into the process.

Legal Requirements

First and most important are the legal pages such as Privacy, Disclosures and Disclaimers.  And of course, an About Page lets visitors know you are the author of the website and a little about you. Indeed, enough information that will start to build trust with those visitors goes a long way to keeping them on your site.

Think about websites you have visited where no evidence of who the writer or owner of the website is.  No doubt you have left those types of websites quickly.

How to Write Content to Please Your Readers

Now you are ready to look at how to write content about your niche, such as articles to post according to your schedule.  This is a really interesting part where you can take your time to write content that your readers will enjoy.

The first thing to consider is that even though your visitors may have read about you, it is far too early for a strong relationship of trust to have been built at this stage.  It takes time to build trust with visitors to your site. Therefore do not start selling your product or services in the early stages.

What You Need to Write

Ideally, the niche you have chosen for your website will be one you are passionate about.

Your writing must show your love of the subject.  It also needs to show not only do you love the subject, such as being an animal lover, or loving beautiful flowers but that you have a wide knowledge of this subject you are sharing on your website.

When you are writing your content give serious thought to what your visitor would like to read.  Put yourself in the position of a visitor to your site.  In other words, put yourself in your visitor’s shoes.  Think about the kind, or style, of content you enjoy reading and write in a similar way.

Let’s say your website is about baking cakes.  Your visitors could be people who are interested in learning about baking scrumptious cakes but have little knowledge about where and how to start.

They have landed on your site seeking some information, but are far from ready to take the next step to purchase your outstanding Super Cake Baking Recipe Book or any of the appliances or ingredients needed to bake a scrumptious cake.

Your visitor is not even sure that they want to bake cakes. They are just seeking what might be out there for them.  Maybe they have heard about decorating cakes.  There are so many options when it comes to food that can cause a potential cake baker to decide which path they want to go down, if any.

What Your Articles Must Do

The way you write your articles needs to be about your experience on how you came to be a Super Cake Baker.  Tell true stories about things that happened when you started out with your cake baking career.

Make your articles interesting and introduce just a little lighthearted humor that visitors can enjoy.

Explain the exciting things about cake baking, as well as the not so exciting incidences.

Help your reader to feel immersed in the experience of producing delicious cakes of all descriptions.  Your reader should enjoy your article to the extent of giving much more thought to whether or not they want to make a career or even a hobby in cake baking.

What Your Articles Must NOT Do

Do not talk money to your reader.  Don’t tell your reader that buying your Super Cake Baking Recipe Book will cost them ex amount of dollars.

Your reader can find that out in another part of your website where you will promote your Recipe Book, or whatever your niche product is.

Talking about the cost of the product on your website will quickly cause your first-time visitors to leave.

Give visitors to your website a great experience that will have them wanting to come back again and explore what is new on your website.

I have used Cake Baking as an example.  Whatever niche you choose to build your website around, be sure to write content in a manner that will delight your readers.

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