Personal Identity or Pseudonym for Blogging – Which is Better?

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personal identity or pseudonymPersonal identity or pseudonym for blog writing, or any writing for that matter. Which is better in your opinion?

There is a significant amount of talk about whether or not blogging should be done under a real name or whether it is acceptable to use a pseudonym.  So let’s think about the value of using one’s name as against a ‘made up’ name.

People have been writing under pseudonyms for hundreds of years, for what reasons I’m not sure.  However, their reasons were no doubt genuine and acceptable in times long before the advent of the internet.  Many authors wrote books under pseudonyms and no-one questioned that behavior.

Sometimes people really did not like their given names and chose to use a preferred name for the reason of their own comfort.

Are Pseudonyms Acceptable in Modern Times?

Using a pseudonym as opposed to using a real name needs to be considered carefully when working online.

Some people who are just starting their blog or website are very shy about other people finding them online. Some just hate the thought of having their photograph online for all to see.

I can remember being like that myself.  When I first started online I was very shy and although I used my own name, I didn’t let friends and acquaintances know that I had a website.  I kept it as a secret.  And what use is that when you have a blog or a website.  The world needs to know about it.

And that is one reason why some people choose to use a pseudonym rather than their own name.  And as far as the matter of an image of that person goes, well some don’t use an image at all.  Others will use a fake image or a symbol.

Eventually, as some who use a pseudonym grow in confidence with their online work, they decide they would like to use their own name.

So how can they use their own name on their blog which has now grown to be very effective?  Are they suddenly going to announce who they are really are, or will they build a new blog and forget about the original one which is now so successful.  A big decision to make.

The Importance of Building Trust

personal identity or pseudonymBuilding trust with visitors to a blog is one of the most important qualities required of a blog or website owner.

Most people these days are well skilled when visiting blogs or websites.  They know the reason they have landed on that blog and they are aware of what they are looking for.

One of the things they are looking for is trust.  Statistics show that it takes a minimum of seven visits before a person will trust a blog or website.  They need to get to know who the owner is and feel confident that what they see and read is valid and authentic.

People will not waste their time, neither will they spend money frivolously.  They want to know they are going to get value for their money.

Personal Identity or Pseudonym – Again, Which is Better?

The choice is yours to make.

Personal identity is my choice for the reasons of building trust with visitors to my website.

Even if you have made few mistakes in the past, honesty will triumph over being false.

Most people will be happy to follow those who they have built a relationship with, and being authentic by using your personal identity will go a long way towards your success.

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