Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Beginners 2017 & Beyond

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Search Engine Optimization is something that online marketers need to take seriously if they are relying on visitors to their site by means of organic searches.

This article is written for beginners, although the content applies to all website owners using SEO in 2017

Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO, implies that search engines such as Google and Bing are relied on to bring visitors to our websites.  Both these engines use what they call ‘spiders’ to search websites for the best content relevant to an organic search.

What is An Organic Search

Millions of organic searches are made continually.  In other words, they happen 24/7 non-stop.

For instance, someone who is planning a holiday to another country realizes their luggage bag is worn out.  They decide to purchase a new bag but are too busy to go shopping in the Mall.

They’ve heard about buying online so they go to their laptop or another digital device. When logged into their browser they type in the words where can I buy a luggage bag.  They then click on ‘Search’ and hey presto, before their eyes are links to ten websites that have responded to their search where can I buy a luggage bag.

The titles of most of those ten websites include the word Luggage.  Some titles include the word Bags and some even include the word Suitcase.

These ten websites are showing the organic search results of that person’s online search, using the keywords where can I buy a luggage bag. 

Of course, this is just Page 1 showing results of the organic search where can I buy a luggage bag.  There will be many more pages each with ten organic searches.

Other Websites and Information Appearing on Page 1 of Google or Bing

In addition to the results of that person’s search appearing on Page 1, they will also see other results from their search, both above and below those ten websites referred to above.

Those other results seen on Page 1 are not organic searches.  I will explain in another post the meaning of those other results.

Search Engine Optimization Using Organic Search

The example of the visitor searching for a luggage bag explains the process of organically searching the internet for a product. The 10 websites Google presented to the visitor were what the Search Engine spiders saw as the most appropriate to the search.

More About Building Your Own Website

When building your own affiliate website, your focus will need to be on quality content related to the product or service being offered.

Quality Content on Your Website will contain:

  • Keywords relevant to your niche
  • Pages and Posts containing correctly spelled words.  Use of correct Grammar is important.

Details of products or service must be correct.  Make sure that no part of your content is misleading the visitor to your website

Internal Links

It is important to link between other pages and/or posts on your website that contain related content.

External Links

Linking to authority websites helps with Google and Bing recognizing the quality of your website, and improves the reputation of your website.

The Purpose of Search Engine Optimization

When building an affiliate marketing website your aim should be to rank within the first 10 websites on Page 1 of the Search Engines.

Seeing your website appear on Page 1 of the Search engine results is exciting.  You can achieve these results by producing the best content to attract the attention of the spiders.


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  1. I like the way you explain SEO – clear and concise enough for me to understand and remember it.

    Internal and external linking are two skills I need to develop.

    Incidentally when I click on your Face Book and Twitter Icons, I get a message that the link is either missing or broken. The G+ icon works well.


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