When Motivation Escapes You All is Not Lost – Believe It

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when motivation escapes youWhen motivation escapes you and you just can’t pick yourself up in a hurry, things become overwhelming and no matter how you try, you have that blank feeling of being stuck in a groove and can’t move on.

Experiencing a time of blankness is more common than some people think. That morning when you sit down at your computer and you mind is absolutely blank.  There is no motivation,  no inspiration, in fact no ideas at all!

Where did all those ideas go?  That great long list of ideas that was going to be a saving grace when it came to providing content for your websites, Emails, or your proposed eBook.  It’s all gone and is unrecoverable!

If these are the kind of thoughts you experience at times, you are not alone.  Many people go through periods of blankness, caused by multiple issues. One of those issues is that they have been overly devoted and dedicated to meeting time frames and obligations to their business, with no thought of taking a break.

Whatever way we earn a living, we need to take time out to recuperate.  No-one works to their highest expectations by focusing totally on any one thing in particular.  We need variety in our daily living.

Keeping yourself situated in front of your computer almost 24/7 is not a good practice for business, nor is it good practice for healthy living.

When Motivation Escapes You Reverse Your Thoughts and Get Productive

To help yourself get out of your dilemma, a short term solution is to focus in a different direction, even it if is just for an hour.

Providing there’s not a storm raging outside, take a walk and get fresh air into your lungs.  Let you problems go and enjoy the pleasure of the outdoor surroundings.  Hopefully there will be pleasant gardens to admire, a puppy to smile about as you pass it and its owner, on your walk.

Let yourself relax and feel better about what you are doing.

It is a common occurrence for people whose business is working alone online day in and day out to become just the way you have been feeling.

So what can you do to that will help you to get productive again?

There are many solutions but let’s look at just 3 for now:

The First solution is:

To remind yourself of why you started your online business.

Motivate yourself by remembering the excitement of building your very own first website.  Think back to the thrill of knowing that you would become an online entrepreneur who would be in the position of helping others to do similar.  You would make a name for yourself.  What great satisfaction you would get from that kind of success.

The Second solution is:

To revisit your goals

  • Do some research on your website.
  • Check your keyword rankings in Google.  Have they moved nearer to Position 1.  If not, how are you going to improve that ranking?
  • How long is it since you posted new content on your website?
  • How active are you with Social Media?

If you find your goals working, give yourself a pat on the back.  If you goals are not working, then know that they will improve because you will keep focused on checking their improvement.

The Third Solution is:

  • To write down your ideas, rather than keeping them in your mind.

There are options for keeping lists safe.

My favorite option is to use an Excel Spreadsheet.   Google Docs is another option.

There are many tools available for keeping records online, so do some research and find what will work best for you.

When you have all your data on hand, you are less likely to experience blankness and lack of motivation.

Finally, remember that the majority of people have their ups and downs and it is normal to be that way.

However, dwelling on the negative thoughts is not helpful.

Keep thinking positively.  That way motivation will not escape you.


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