How to Avoid the Hazards of Shiny Objects Syndrome

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Had you ever imagined that shiny objects could be anything other than desirable?  The idea of a shiny object being a hazard may not have occurred to you.  I certainly had never imagined anything other than excitement, beauty or happiness when thinking about anything shiny.  But that was long before setting my sights on building a successful online business.

Being Forewarned is Being Forearmed

In the process of becoming an online business owner, or entrepreneur, a strong sense of awareness of how to avoid the hazards of shiny objects syndrome is vital.  This is a fact in view of the vast obstacles set to supposedly help build an empire.

Maybe you are not intending to reach the stage of owning an empire.  Being the owner of a business that provides a reasonable income could be your goal.  Whatever level of success the aim is, having sound knowledge of not only the advantages but the disadvantages too, is crucial.

Discovery of there being such a thing as shiny objects does not always occur at the early stages of building a new business.  In other words, shiny objects are out there waiting for the uninitiated.   Recognition needs to occur!

How Do You Know When You Have Discovered a Shiny Object?

That is the seriousness of the problem.  Someone new to building a business may not have any awareness that they are about to waste significant time and money on a useless product.

Those in a partnership are not as vulnerable as are solo entrepreneurs, or business builders.

It is the solo entrepreneur who gets caught with these distasteful objects that shine at us from our computer screen, Tablet, iPad or whatever our device.  Those things that shine at us are waiting patiently for someone like you or me to discover them.

To describe these habits in more details, they are plain and simply straight out distractions.

However, these distractions are more hazardous than some because they are out there waiting for your dollars.

  • They will tell you that you need them.
  • They will tell you that you will earn thousands of dollars in the smallest measure or time.

Words are cleverly woven to attract your attention.

They use words that make you believe you will have made at least $100,000 in so many months.

Do not touch any of these shiny items.  If your thoughts lead to things such as ‘this will make it easier to do a certain task’ then research before reaching for your cash.

  • Research and research again.

How Do You Research?

There are different methods of researching.  For instance, searching online for reviews of the product that interests you.   Searching, if possible, information on the author of the review.  And repeating this procedure until you have read a number of reviews about the product being offered.

Search on Forums

Forums are another means of finding product reviews, and this is something  you should look for.

  • Research and research again.

Keep your money in your pocket, bank account or wherever you keep it.  Don’t part with your money unless you have sound evidence that this shiny object will assist with improving your business.

Time Factors to Watch For

There are very few programs offered online that don’t have a time factor tacked onto them.

It’s a well-known fact that marketers stress the importance of making a purchase of a product within a certain time frame.  The pressure is on the reader to buy now before it is too late!

When is a program valid?

There are some programs or products that have a valid reason for placing a time frame.  This happens with tuition, and that is understandable.

Not all programs or products offered online are shiny objects, but many are.

Researching and learning about the way products and programs are offered is the best way to approach items you are interested in.  Knowledge is power!

Look to those who are experienced and seek advice where you are able to.

I welcome your comments and questions.  Please leave them in the area provided below.

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6 thoughts on “How to Avoid the Hazards of Shiny Objects Syndrome”

  1. I enjoy your writing Valerie, it’s rich and captivating. And deep indeed. Glad I found you. Thanks

  2. Hello, very interesting article. There are so many shinning objects out there. But we can’t just go and grab any of them. Getting educated and well informed is the key to prevent getting scammed. Like you said that reaserach is so important to determine if a product is worth your money and time, I completely agree with you on that. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Hong

      I’m pleased you found the article interesting, and thank you for leaving your comment.

      Yes, research is vital these days as those who scam are talented in what they do and it can be difficult to identify that sort of practice.

  3. Hello I enjoyed reading this post. It is very helpful in explaining what to look for when making an investment online. Indeed it is very tough to make a decision online as all the objects displayed are shiny but some are helpful and some are not. Thank you for sharing.



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