How I Found the Best Thing About Private Label Rights

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Updated May 2022

Have you ever wondered about using Private Label Rights?  If so, you certainly are not on your own. Going down the track of whether to explore this method of content creation had been with me for too long.

Private Label Rights (PLR) content is something I avoided for many years. In all the online training I did PRL was seldom mentioned, if ever! Awareness of a particular feature or program available on the web with little recommendation automatically signalled doubt. Perhaps more so when free offers were available.

I likened the free offers to ‘you get what you pay for‘ which applies in many instances, although not all. Often there is a benefit to be gained from free offers of various products. However, I’ve long since discovered that PLR is far from solely focused on free-of-charge. Private Label Rights licenses are available at varying price ranges.

Using PLR to Increase Knowledge and Awareness

Is it really possible to increase our knowledge and awareness of a subject by using Private Label Rights content?

In the role of a website owner/blogger, there is an essential need to frequently create an ongoing stream of unique content. However, there are times that ‘life gets in the way’ for whatever reason, causing a delay in the flow of producing content to publish.

Unfortunately, delays such as these, especially through illness or even shorter but debilitating winter chills, are capable of causing long term periods lacking newly published content. Consequently, the possibility of SEO loss!

Therefore, I see the use of easily available resources in Private Label Content as an ideal way to learn something new. If not a completely new subject, growing in knowledge and alertness can only be an advantage.

In saying that, attention to careful selection of an intended purchase is of utmost importance.

Reaching Out for Something New

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of working online it is – I’m never limited to working with learned past and presentGoogle search for keywords skills. That may have been so way back in the 20th century. But, now well into the third millennium, it’s simply a matter of entering a few words into the Google search bar. Hey presto, more than adequate responses are presented! As a result, there’s no cause for guessing, or simply hoping to find a solution.

I feel sure you’re aware of how Google assists by responding positively to our internet searches

If not, I encourage you to try it! A few keywords entered and you’ll find yourself more than abundantly rewarded by a choice of information to learn from. And, in 2022 forward it is a certainty that we can all rely on Google to select the best information available on the internet that will answer our questions.

Depending on the manner in which content is written, particularly in regard to SEO keywords, it would not be unusual for Private Label Content to appear on your screen after searching for a particular keyword.

Effects of Multiple Sales of a Single Private Label Rights License

It is true that the same PLR license is purchased by a number of people. It is also true that not all those purchases ‘see daylight’. I’ve been guilty of making a purchase of PLR content with great ideas in mind, only to overlook that item mainly due to work overload.

One of those purchases, in spite of remembering it after several years, still sits somewhere at the bottom of the virtual pile. Why I remember that particular PRL purchase is the subject was one that appealed to me greatly. What I overlooked was, that although passionate about the subject, I did not have a need for it at that time. Believing I would eventually own a website where that content would take pride of place was a dream. Time has never allowed for that ‘additional’ site!

My case of leaving a PLR license to its own devices may be isolated. Other PLR customers may have long since made good use of their purchases.

However, if PLR is used in the three ways recommended in the following paragraph, multiple sales will have no effect on the content either you or other customers, create from purchasing that same PLR license.

Here Are 3 Ways PLR Can Work For You

  1. Find ideas from Private Label Rights to assist in creating your own content. This can be helpful when inspiration is running short!

  2. Use Private Label Rights content purely as a starting point for doing your own research on a particular subject. The PLR will provide a foundation that you can build on by adding findings from your own research.

  3. Rewrite the entire content using your own words, sentence structure etc.

I hear you say – why bother with PLR if I need to re-write the entire content? This depends entirely on your ability to continually research and create accurate and interesting content.

Limited Editions of Private Label Rights

Many PLR products are sold at a minimum number. One reputable PLR author from whom I have purchased is well-known to limit package sales to Fifty. Once those Fifty sales are made, the offer is closed.  It is common knowledge that some other authors limit their products.

So Precisely, What Are Private Label Rights?

The best way I can define Private Label Rights is: PLR is a license provided by the author to the customer of a particular content package. The license clearly states how the purchaser CAN USE, and CAN NOT USE, the content.

Terms of PLR Licenses vary in that they are specific to what the author of the product allows, and must be adhered to.

PLR licenses are not restricted to blog content. A wide range of products including Sales Pages, eBooks, Graphics, Videos, and more are available through purchasing Private Label Rights

A further definition can be found on Wikipedia

How You Can Benefit From Using PLR Content

The most simple way to show how you can benefit from PLR content is to describe how it has worked for me.

Before I start, it is important to state I have not used PLR to any great extent. In fact, my PLR usage is small but valuable. Due to the value, I will again use PLR content when the need arises.

I am including a link to an extremely small seasonal website I own. The link is to a post I created by totally rewriting Private Label Rights content. On testing the completed item it was found to be absolutely free of duplicate content and plagiarism. I have and will continue to add to that seasonal website site by rewriting PLR content.

5 Alternative Methods of Using PLR Content

  1. Create written content using your own talent.

  2. Purchase pre-written content.

  3. Outsource your project/s.

  4. Employ / Contract a professional copywriter.

  5. Speech to recognition software.

Each of these alternatives to PLR content comes with a price tag.

5 Alternative Resources to Assist Your Content Creations

    1. Pre-written content ‘Ready-made’ can be purchased from As a new user, you would be required to pay $25 as credit before starting to preview available content. The $25 credit would be applied to your first purchase.

    2. stocks pre-written content ranging in price from $0.01 per work to $0.05 per word, the total cost depending on the number of words written words.

    3. At Fiverr you can hire a copywriter of your choice at varying cost ranges. Be aware that the company name Fiverr does not mean all service costs just Five Dollars. $5.00 is the basic, or starting point for negotiation. Some very fine work is created at Fiverr. However, I’ve heard and read of some work not being up to standard. I consider that not a reflection on the company, but rather a reflection on the individual service provider. So, don’t be afraid of approaching Fiverr for work to be outsourced.

    4. is a well-known and respected business where you can hire the services of a professional copywriter.  Another service available at is freelance design.  The importance of website design and the appearance of appropriate images on websites has increased significantly in recent years.

    5. is a resource used to convert speech to text.  Many content creators prefer this method of producing content. Sitting at a computer or laptop hour after hour is not the preferred method for everyone.  This is a valid option to be considered.

PLR Causes Duplicate Content – True or False

duplicate-content-in-private-label-rightsIn fact, it is true that duplicate content will occur if PLR is used in the exact form as written by the author.

And, it is false to believe that PLR content cannot be changed.

Duplicate content can and must be avoided before publishing any item on the internet

How YOU Can Avoid Publishing Content Classed as Plagiarism

There is much talk and concern about producing duplicate content. And, rightly so. No author or webmaster desires involvement with duplicate content relating to their name.

The simple way to avoid duplicate content is:

  • By rewriting the entire Content you received when purchasing a particular PRL license.
  • Add an opening and closing paragraph of your own creation.
  • Incorporate your own personality as you create your content. Write as though you are speaking!

Something I believe worth noting is what Google considers to be Duplicate Content.  This is well explained by Yoast.

Creating Your Own Content

In the role of author of our own website, creating posts, articles, images etc purely on our own is preferred over any alternative, including those listed in this post.

However, as previously mentioned, occasionally we either run out of time, or situations cause interruptions to our progress. Rather than let our websites suffer in terms of search engine optimization, I consider PLR content to be a worthwhile source, providing it is purchased from a recognized author.

How I Found the Best Thing About Private Label Rights

After too much thought, and not enough action, I took it into my own hands to investigate and try a particular PLR package in a niche/subject I was currently working in. I purchased the license from a reliable author. Re-wrote three articles and published them on one of my very small websites (as mentioned above.) Prior to publishing, I tested each post for duplicate content and plagiarism. They were completely clear in both instances.

The moral of this story is: Take courage to go beyond what is seen as barriers others have expressed, and try things for ourselves. ‘Hands-on’ is one of the best methods of learning I have yet discovered.

Here is a link for access to my favourite Private Label Rights Author:  All Private Label Content

I trust my experience in PLR is helpful and look forward to reading and responding to your comments and questions.

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