How Do I Know When I Start Making Money from My Affiliate Site

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how do I know when I start making moneyHow do I know when I start making money from my Affiliate website is a frequently asked question from newcomers to affiliate marketing.

It is a fair enough question to be asking because earning income from affiliate marketing is desirable, just as making money from any business is desirable.

Answers to the question of how do I know when I start making money depend on the programs that have been signed up to by these new affiliate marketers.

Three Programs I Can Speak of With Experience

Program 1:
  A dog training Affiliate program that advises its affiliates each time a purchase has been made through their affiliate link resulting in a commission.  It certainly is great to receive an email advising that a commission has been earned.

This particular Affiliate program has very good tracking statistics that the affiliate marketer can log into and check their commissions.

Also, the affiliate has the ability to add a Tracking ID to their affiliate links.  This means that they can view how many clicks individual posts receive daily.

The Tracking ID doesn’t show exactly which affiliate link was clicked on and received a commission.  However, the statistics provided by this Affiliate program are greater than any other program I have experience with.

Returning to the question of how do I know when I start making money

  • The affiliate marketer would have received advice of individual commissions, as explained above
  • This Affiliate program pays their affiliates through PayPal
  • The affiliate marketer would have set up an account with PayPal previously
  • The affiliate marketer is sent an email advising that the monthly payment as been made to PayPal.
  • The affiliate marketer would sign into their PayPal account and arrange for the money to be sent to them.


Program 2:  If the affiliate marketer signed up to an Affiliate program that has an arrangement with Clickbank, the affiliate would have been required to open an account with Clickbank.

For the affiliate marketer to be aware of commissions due to them, they would need to log in to their Clickbank account and view their Transactions.

There is no other way to find whether or not a commission has been earned.  Unlike the Affiliate program mentioned previously, emails are not sent to advise the affiliate marketer of their success.

When a required level of commissions has been received, Clickbank will pay an amount to the affiliate marketer’s Bank account.  The affiliate marketer would be required to advise their Bank account details when setting up their account with Clickbank.


Program 3:  Amazon Associates/Affiliates
Affiliate marketers who have joined the Amazon Associates program will need to check their account with Amazon to find whether or not they have received commissions during a month.

Amazon emails a monthly report to Associates advising of the state of their commissions.  Even if the level of commissions has not reached the required amount to be paid, the report is still emailed.

Therefore, Amazon has a fair reporting system, in my opinion.

Amazon has a threshold of $100 US before they will make payment.  There is a two month delay period from the date of the affiliate earning commission to the required amount before Amazon makes payment.  However, Amazon pays the affiliate promptly once all measures are completed.

Those three affiliate programs are ones that I have personal experience with and am confident in my reporting on how an affiliate will know when have started making money.

There are many more Affiliate programs that can be joined by Affiliate marketers.  Many of these programs pay their affiliates per Clickbank or PayPal.

Some Affiliate programs, I believe, have their own method of payment such as Amazon does.

For those asking how do I know when I start making money, my recommendation is to check your affiliate statistics, or affiliate accounts regularly.  You are the owner of your affiliate marketing business, therefore you are entitled to know what you income is and when you will receive your payments.

Thank you for visiting my website.

I wish you much success with your affiliate marketing business.

I welcome your comments and questions.  Please leave them in the space provided below.

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