How Many Websites Are too Many – Don’t Let That Be You!

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In days long gone by in the world of internet marketing, numbers were fashionable from what I could find out.

In talking about numbers, I’m referring to the number of websites that an internet marketer owned.

Best practices of those times were to create websites by the dozens.  Well, maybe dozens is an overstatement, but a family of websites was certainly going to be created if practices were adhered to.

The idea was that a beginner to internet marketing would build a website. Then they would follow instructions of those teaching the skill of how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

When the beginner to affiliate marketing progressed to the extent of getting some traffic to their website, that was the time to build yet another website.

And so it went on!

During a period of eighteen months to two years, an internet marketer would more than likely be the proud owner of three to four websites, or even more!

How great was that!

I was one of those internet marketers, way back in 2007, and it was hard work in those days if you didn’t know where to turn for help.

Ten years later, to have lost count of the websites one has owned is not surprising.

What was the turning point?

At that stage of my internet experience I was far from being anywhere near the rank of an expert. However, what I know is that our friend Google was the one who saved me from continuing to build countless numbers of websites. Google had other plans for the internet.

No doubt there are many people who suffered from the hard hand of Google slaps. Fortunately, I’m not one who experienced great losses from Google’s harshness, as it was seen to be.

I have always considered Google as a friend.  Yes, a friend with high principles and, in my book, there is nothing wrong with that.

From memory it was Google Panda that came first.  Later followed by Google Penguin, and eventually Google Hummingbird.  These ‘animal names’ in reality are algorithms. I am not going into detail of algorithms here because that is moving too far away from the purpose of this post.

How many websites are too many?

The number of websites an internet or affiliate marketer owns is something to give careful thought to.

Currently, I own four websites.  Previously I owned more than four websites but deleted some leaving me with what I have today.

How to correctly look after these four websites is more than I can handle at present. However, it’s not a good feeling to delete websites that I have spent much time on and still have possibilities of improving, should time allow.

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

If you already have a website, think carefully before you start another.  I am not saying that owning more than one website is a bad thing to do.  In fact, I agree with owning at least two websites but not putting one up after another.  The job of building a website needs to be done correctly, otherwise it will be a waste of time, effort and money.

The idea is to continue adding quality content to your first website and upgrading it until such time as it is bringing in some income.

Wait until the income is regular, as in being a regular amount each month.  Of course the earnings will differ monthly, as that is expected and acceptable with affiliate marketing.

Be sure to do regular backups of this website, daily if possible.  At the very least make sure your website is backed up weekly.

Keep copies of all your posts on your computer, and a second copy of your posts on a removable drive.

How many websites should you have?

It is your decision how many websites your own.

Ideally you will own two websites that are each earning and contributing to your financial situation.  In the event of anything going wrong with one website you will still be earning from the other.

I don’t believe in putting all our eggs in one basket so that’s why two websites is a good number.

When is the time right for a second website?

When your first website is earning an income for you, and you have it well secured with backups, then it is time to look at building a second website.

It is quite likely that you may wish to build more than two websites, but do make sure you have the time available to work on any new websites that you start.

Remember that there are costs to each website.  Your Domain is a yearly cost and your hosting is a monthly or yearly cost, according to the plan you take out with your hosting company.

If at any time you want to use paid tools, the cost for multiple websites is usually more expensive than the cost for one site.

For instance, I like using the heat map Lucky Orange.  The cost of 3 websites to be monitored by this program is half the cost of having 4 websites monitored. So these are matters to take into consideration with owning multiple websites.

Thank you for visiting this post.

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