How to Create Different Types of Links in WordPress

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How to create different types of links in WordPress is important to learn as the use of links is an essential part of extending a website or blog.

There are different links used in websites.

This post is focusing on Three types of links that need to be used in an affiliate marketing website:

Internal Links:  Used for internal linking of pages or posts within a websites
External Links:  Used for external linking to other websites
Affiliate Links:   Links essential to the success of an affiliate marketing business.

Each of these types of links with their different purposes add to the interest and success of an affiliate marketing website.


Internal Linking of Pages or Posts

These links  have two major purposes:

For SEO (search engine optimization)
Internal linking is something Google spiders look for when they are crawling a website and when found to be present, they help to improve the indexing of pages and posts.

Internal linking also highlights to Google the importance of linked pages or posts.

Internal Linking also provides Ease of Navigation for visitors to the website in finding relevant or important information on other pages or posts.

After completing a new post or page, it is the job of the owner or webmaster to review or revise the content, and insert internal links appropriately.

Appropriate linking means that by leading visitors/readers to another page, they will find additional content that will add value to the subject content they were just reading.

For example, if the reader clicks on a link within the content of this page, it will take them to another page on this website that talks about Internal Links.  You are welcome to explore this further by clicking here.  You can easily return to this page by clicking on the left-pointing arrow at the top of the page you land on.


External Links

Also referred to as Outbound Links.  It is good SEO practice to insert a link on a page or post that leads to another website in the same niche as your site.

However, you need to link to an authority site.  For instance if your website is in the affiliate marketing niche you may wish to link to

Linking out to authority sites in your niche helps Google search engines to understand more about your website.  It also adds to the authority and trust of your website or blog.


Affiliate Links

The subject of Affiliate Links is much more complex than Internal and External Links and I will go into more details about affiliate links in another post.

For the purpose of providing some understanding here of affiliate links, they are links that include code wich is provided by the Affiliate program or the Affiliate network when you join their program to promote their products.

For example:   If you join a program promoted by Click Bank you need to open an account with Click Bank.  Click Bank would ask you to set up an Account Nickname (Username) and you would use this for any programs you promote through Click Bank.

Of course a separate code is provided by Click Bank for each program.  For example, if you promote a Dog Training program you would be given a code for that program.  If you also promote a Heath Product program through Click Bank you would receive another code for that program.

As mentioned previously, I will provide another post on the subject of Affiliate links and the best way to use them in your promotions.

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