Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review – What You Need to Know

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In 2014, when following an online programme, I was introduced to Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. At that time, I was following a Super Affiliate who frequently talked about her favourite tool for keyword research. Unfortunately, she didn’t name this tool, but as I used to find keyword research tiresome, I ventured into her territory by clicking a link on her website. And there it was: Jaaxy keyword research tool, all bright and shiny.

You may have read warnings on my website about bright and shiny ‘temptations’. But, in the case of Jaaxy, the bright and shiny is lawful.

If your keyword research experience is anything like mine was before I discovered Jaaxy, you may find the following review helpful.

My Review of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

This Review tells how Jaaxy works and how it can help you find quality keywords when writing content published online.

As long ago as 2013 or maybe earlier, keywords in website content had less importance than in recent years.  Now, in 2022 with increased technology, search engines are much more alert to the value gained by visitors from online publications.

Therefore, the use of keywords that add value to the content of your posts is significant. Aiming for a page one ranking in the search engines, notably Google, can be non-other than an advantage to the success of your business.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool & What It Will Do for You

When you are searching on the internet for keywords suitable for your website pages and posts, you need to have a reliable tool that will give you the best keywords results for the content you are about to write. Jaaxy will provide these reliable keywords for you.

Not only does Jaaxy provide these keywords, Jaaxy also provides:

  • The Average Number of Monthly exact match searches for that keyword.
  • The amount of traffic you could expect to receive each month when you achieve Page 1 ranking.
  • QSR indicates the number of websites competing for that exact keyword.
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – Great Normal or Poor (Great only appearing in the image below).
  • SEO provides information as to whether the keyword will be of value.

Please note: Search results shown are per the date and time images were processed.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Resources

Two Favourite Jaaxy Features I Can’t Do Without

Within Jaaxy, there is a selection of attributes to identify the best keywords for content creation. Rather than list each one in this review, I’ve highlighted two of my favourites below.  They are Alphabet Soup and Site Rank.


A strange name but the fantastic feature I choose to use to select the best keyword for a new post.  This feature is fast and efficient for finding a wide selection of keywords within a chosen niche.

Simply click on Alphabet Soup – Enter a keyword phrase (e.g. how to juice fruit) – Click on Find Keywords  (See 1st image below)

Long-tail Keywords available from each letter of the alphabet will quickly appear.  (See examples from letters “a” and “v” in  2nd and 3rd images below)

‘Search on this’ opens in Keyword Search History (See both 2nd and 3rd images below)

First Image:

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Review


Second Image:

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Alphabet Soup Feature


Third Image:

Jaaxy Review Alphabet Soup


2. Site Rank

This is a superb attribute for speedily identifying the search engine ranking of individual posts.

The image below reveals my post ‘How to Create a Call To Action That is Effective’ is ranked in the No. 1 position in Bing and Yahoo search engines.

It also reveals that the post is not ranking in Google.  Therefore, work is required on my part to achieve a Page 1 ranking of this post on Google.

Nowhere else on the internet have I found a tool that provides this valuable information in seconds.  With regular daily or weekly publishing to a website, the Jaaxy Site Rank feature is a practical time-saver that offers accurate information.

Jaaxy Site Rank Tool

What Does It Cost to Use Jaaxy?

Starter Trial:  This is a free subscription for up to 30 Keyword Searches.

Pro Version:  $49 per month and adequate for providing valuable keywords for your content.

Enterprise:  A sophisticated version at $99 per month, and a delight to use.  It is not necessary for the success of your keyword research.  The Pro version provides all you require.

Jaaxy Review Subscriptions Costs


Pros and Cons of Jaaxy Relating to My Experience


  • Jaaxy is easy to use. There is nothing complicated about using Jaaxy.
  • Video training is included with the program and available for review.
  • Jaaxy provides accurate search results in a minimal space of time. The accuracy of Jaaxy’s results is proven by comparison with Google keyword research.
  • The user of Jaaxy can compile lists of chosen keywords for easy reference.
  • Jaaxy provides additional tools such as SiteRank, Brainstorming, Alphabet Soup, and Search History.
  • The Site Rank that tells me the position of my pages for specific keywords is invaluable.
  • The Brainstorming feature gives me ideas when I need some inspiration for writing posts.
  • Compared with other keyword research tools I have used, Jaaxy is the tool that gives me the best results in the least amount of time.
  • Jaaxy is a complete program where I can search for keywords.  I can save those keywords to access at any time by going into the Saved Lists feature.
  • Jaaxy affiliate program is available to all subscribers.


  • I have not experienced disadvantages with using Jaaxy.  However, a paid subscription is required to gain access on completion of 30 Free Searches offered in the Starter Trial version of this program.


The Jaaxy keyword research tool is legitimate. I believe that I receive from Jaaxy the best keyword research results available on the internet. I am not interested in learning or using any other keyword research tool. Jaaxy is a quality tool available at an affordable price. Furthermore, Jaaxy gives the most reliable results as opposed to any other keyword research tool I have ever used.

I do not see the subscription cost as off-putting. It is a matter of weighing up the benefit of subscribing to a super-efficient keyword tool instead of struggling with keyword programmes that do not provide quality results.

I have used the Jaaxy keyword research tool for seven years, and I would not want to be without it. Before my knowledge of Jaaxy, I used several keyword research tools, some required a fee while others were free of charge, but not one of them performed the job that Jaaxy does.

I highly recommend that anyone serious about obtaining quality keyword results for their website take advantage of the Starter Trial version. I am sure you will enjoy the experience and have nothing to lose and much to gain. 

Should you decide to take a paid subscription, please be aware that your subscription can easily be cancelled at the end of that month. Therefore, a one-month paid subscription is adequate time to experience the benefit of this excellent keyword research tool.

Thank you for visiting this website and reading my Review of the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

Your comments and questions are welcome below.




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