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  1. Thank you for this informative guide, Valerie. I have been thinking about what I should use to monetize my niche website, and I have figured that the Amazon Associates affiliate program would be perfect for my website as you can literally have success within almost any niche through the affiliate program from Amazon alone.

    As a wealthy affilaite member, I definitely can agree with you that it is the place to learn about the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

    • Something I particularly like about Amazon is that they continually improve the Associate’s platform by adding new features.  For instance within the last 12 months they have added the ‘One Link’ feature which I am enjoying.  Very recently they have upgraded their ‘Native Ads’.  I haven’t used the upgrade feature yet, but I will do so as we move into 2018.

      Thanks very much Jacob for leaving your comment.  I trust you will enjoy the Amazon Associates program as much as I do.

  2. I have just set up an affiliate account with Amazon and I’m totally stuck with my next steps because it’s all a little overwhelming.

    This article is just what I was searching for because especially the last part has helped me to understand some of the tabs in my Amazon affiliate backoffice.

    Thank You very much, and now I feel more comfortable with exploring Amazon’s tools and features 🙂


    • Hi Neil

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      I am so pleased that this article was of help to you in completing the setup of your Amazon affiliate account. You will now be able to enjoy all the wonderful features and tools that Amazon provides for their Associates.

      I wish you much success.


  3. Thanks Lee for leaving a comment on my site. I am pleased that you found the information you needed to become an Amazon affiliate.

    To answer your question about whether it is essential to have your own website to be an affiliate, my response is that you do need to have your own website. I have heard of people doing affiliate marketing without a website but I certainly do not know how that works.

    However, it is extremely easy to set yourself up with your own affiliate marketing website by signing up as a Starter member of Wealthy Affiliate. When you become a Starter member you have access to 2 Free websites with Free hosting for those websites. You also would get access to 7 days of Free training. Should you decide to take advantage of the Starter membership I recommend that during those 7 days concentrate on building your first website and continue adding content over time.

    You may find it helpful to read my review at http://affiliatemarketerssuccess.com/wealthy-affil

    I trust this information is of assistance but if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    Best wishes


  4. Thanks for the step-by-step walkthrough Valerie. I was trying to sign up to become an affiliate for Amazon yesterday and found it quite confusing to be quite honest.

    All sorted now, so thanks.

    I noticed at the end of the article you recommend training that includes two free websites. Can I ask, is it essential to have your own website to be an affiliate?

    If so, this could be a problem for me as I don’t have one?

  5. Amazon is one of the best affiliate programs to get into. They offer a wide range of products. Also people are familiar with them, and likely already shop on Amazon, so there’s no question of whether they can trust this company.

    Unlike other programs Amazon is one of the easiest to get into. They approve just about anything. The one downside, though, is once you’re in you have 160 days to make your first sale, otherwise your account is closed.

    • Thanks Chris for your comment.

      I’m pleased to learn your thoughts on Amazon’s affiliate program. Like you, I think the program is great and I love the ease of accessing so many amazing products.

      Thank you for mentioning the fact that unless sales are made within 160 days of acceptance into the program the affiliate account will be closed. I actually wasn’t aware of that fact and so I have today had it confirmed by Amazon Support. I will now include that information into my website.

      Best wishes


  6. Hello there,

    Great post, and very clear description for how to create an amazon affiliate account, how long it take to accept me in their program? and is there is any affiliate programs paying high commission than Amazon? and also i heard that may be they close the account if you didn’t make any sales for them is that true? Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for your comment Ehab

      I’m pleased to know that you enjoyed my post about creating an Amazon account.

      To answer your questions:

      1. You should be accepted by Amazon immediately after creating your account.
      2. Yes, there are affiliate programs paying higher commissions than Amazon, such as ClickBank. Products promoted on ClickBank are digital, such as ebooks and video training and so they are in a different category to Amazon products. The great thing about being an Amazon Associate is the vast selection of products available to promote and therefore, it is easy to find a niche with related niches to build your website around.
      3. It is not true that Amazon would close your account if you didn’t make any sales.

      I hope these answers help and perhaps encourage you to become an Amazon Associate and get pleasure from their amazing range of products to work with.

      Best wishes


  7. Dear Valerie,

    This has been a topic of interest for me for quite some time as I often wondered how easy or difficult it would be to get into the Amazon Affiliate Program.

    Would you say that Amazon is a lot easier to get into rather than in Ebay?

    How are the commission rates here versus what would be at Ebay? Which is better?

    As far as Amazon goes, if you don’t make a sale during a specific number of days, would they then remove you from partaking in their program ever again?

    Thanks in advance for helping answer my questions. 🙂

    Thank you so much for taking something I thought to be complicated and explaining it in much more simpler steps Valerie. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Dear Angel

      Thanks so much for visiting my website and leaving a comment.

      Regarding your enquiry about Amazon being easier than Ebay, I believe that Amazon is more effective than EBay.

      In saying that, I can’t really speak with authority about Ebay because although I have considered selling on Ebay I haven’t done so as yet. From research, I found that Ebay takes approximately 12 per cent of the earnings from sales, which includes the cost of shipping along with their fee.

      My way of thinking is that Amazon is great with their enormous range of products.

      And, thank you for asking the question about whether Amazon would remove you from their program if you didn’t make a sale in a specific number of days.The answer is – no, you would not be removed from their program. Your membership would continue.

      I hope that these answers are helpful.

      My sincere thanks to you Angel for your time and interest in visiting my website.

      Best wishes



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