What Is Organic Traffic and Why Do I Need It?

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What is Organic TrafficI well remember my early days of internet marketing asking myself what is organic traffic and why do I need it.

I had so many questions but nobody to answer them.  None of my friends or family was interested in the internet, so I was completely on my own.

Times have moved on and there thousands of people using internet marketing as their source of income.  Some people do internet marketing in addition to their full time work. Others have made internet marketing their full time source of income.

If you are reading this with an interest in building your own website, understanding the basics such as organic traffic is one step towards a good beginning.

Let’s look at Organic Traffic and What It Is

Imagine you want to find out what is available to purchase in the way of kitchen utensils.

You go into your website browser and enter ‘kitchen utensils stores’.  A new page opens in front of you with a list of stores selling kitchen utensils.

What is Organic Traffic

You made an organic search and the result was a list of websites belonging to stores that sell kitchen utensils.

If you clicked on one of the websites appearing on the page, your click was ‘organic traffic’.

The Reason Organic Traffic is Needed

Organic traffic is free.  That is the main reason for needing it.  If organic traffic was not available, paid traffic would be the only option for building a website.

Google offers a paid program called Adwords.  This is something to learn about at a later date.

As a new internet marketer, your best decision is to concentrate on driving organic traffic to your website.  Organic traffic is usually referred to as ‘the number of visitors to a website’.

How to Increase Organic Traffic to your Website

The best way to increase organic traffic, or number of visitors, to your website is by regularly posting new content to your site.

Daily posting of new articles to a website helps significantly with indexing and ranking content.

A main goal of an internet marketer is for articles to be found on the first page of Google.

This is what happened with some websites when we searched for ‘kitchen utensils stores’.  Of course there were hundreds of websites responding to that search.  But, we were interested only in those websites that appeared on the first page of Google.

The greater number of organic searches a website receives daily, the more opportunity for earning income.

How Can We Know the Number of Daily Organic Searches

Google has provided internet marketers with reliable free tools that give detailed statistics on the traffic a website receives daily.

These tools are Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

There are many other free tools to be found online that help with statistics of a website.  However, using Google’s free tools provides more than adequate statistics in respect to the daily functioning of an internet marketer’s website.

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