Does Your Website Drive You Crazy

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Does your website drive you crazy and you haven’t been able to find the answer yet?  If this is happening to you, then let’s have a look at what you are doing with your website.

Is your website built on WordPress?

If so, then your website should not be driving you crazy because WordPress is a great platform to build a website on.

The truth is that WordPress is a powerful online tool for creating websites and is used by thousands of people throughout the world for building all types of websites.

WordPress has been around since 2003, and and since that time it has been developed to an extremely high standard.

But now – let’s go back to the beginning of why your website is driving you crazy


What is it that you want your website to do for you?

If you have built your website for the reason of sharing content for pleasure without the idea of earning an income – in other words, if you have built your website for use as a hobby, maybe you are not caring for this site as well as it needs be cared for, just simply because you are not aware of what makes a website perform well.

To learn all the ins and outs of building a well functioning website can take quite some time and the finer points come with experience.  The most important thing is to stay positive about your website and ask for help from those who have succeeded through trial and error.


What are the problems you are having with your website?

  • Is it that you website is not performing just as you want it to?
  • Maybe your website is slow and consequently you find it difficult to use it
  • Or is it just that you don’t really know the correct way to look after your website


Let’s look at what a website is

  • First of all you need to realize that your website is your property. In other words, your website is a portion of your real estate.
  • If you are the owner of the house you live in, of course you are well aware that this house is your property and very much of value to you.
  • So, looking at your website – this is also of value to you.

For instance, to start your website you needed to purchase a domain.

  • Your domain is like the piece land that your house is built on.
  • So your website is built on the domain for which you have paid an annual fee, or maybe you paid a fee for a number of years in advance.  For as long as you continue to pay for that domain, you own the property of the domain and the website that you have built.


Is your computer free of clutter?

Just as we need to declutter our homes to free up space, we also need to declutter our computer. A computer that has useless data or content on it can slow down the loading of your website and that can be a valid reason for your website driving you crazy.

Just imagine leaving books, newspapers, shoes and slippers and a wide assortment of clutter all over your living area, that too would drive you crazy as you try to navigate your way around your living space.  No space left to sit down and relax, stuff everywhere – what a disaster!!

Well, it’s the same with your computer.  Making sure that your computer is free of clutter will go a long way towards helping it to perform correctly and allow for your website to function as it should do.


Have you built your website with the intention of it being a source of income?

  • In this case you would need to be sure to install, or have installed by a professional, a reliable anit-virus program.
  • An anti-virus program is essential to the running of your computer. If your computer gets attacked by a virus, you stand to lose your website and all the content that you have so carefully placed on the site.
  • Free anti-virus software programs are available and some of these do work efficiently. However, if your website is monetized, in other words it is a business website, then I recommend paying an annual fee for a reliable anti-virus program.
  • If your Website is used as a source of income then I recommend that you take a look at Wealthy Affiliate where you can get the support of an amazing community that will help you to build and maintain a profitable website that won’t drive you crazy.


Plugins to assist your website to run efficiently

WordPress has many plugins these days that allow you to do almost anything you want with your website.

For instance, you can have amazing images with the use of plugins. You can install helpful plugins that will allow you to do almost anything that you want to.

I can remember years ago trying to do things such as place a chart on a website page or post.  It was almost impossible for me to do that.  I would have had to employ someone to do this for me.  Now days these types of things can be done easily with the help of a plugin meant for the specific task.

Assuming you have all of the above mentioned items in place and your website is still driving you crazy then there are 2 really important factors that could be making your website slow, and consequently being difficult to work with.

  1. Image optimization
    Images that are not correctly optimized can slow down your website so it is important to optimize  each image prior to inserting in your pages or posts.
  2. Plugins overload
    Although plugins are extremely helpful when it comes to building your website you need to be aware that too many plugins can cause your website to be slow in performance. Choose your plugins carefully.

If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to read my Review of Wealthy Affiliate to see for yourself the benefits of getting your questions answered by a friendly and knowledgeable community.


Your comments and questions are welcome. Please leave them below.

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