What is Adsense and How Does It Work?

On reading questions similar to what is Adsense and how does it work it is clear there is a wide interest in learning more about the subject of Google Adsense. What is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is a program owned by Google.  It is a method …

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Creating a Custom Menu in WordPress Websites

A custom menu is essential to the navigation of a WordPress website, or any type of webiste. Although creating a custom menu in a WordPress website is easy to do, it can be a little complicated at a first attempt .  I remember experiencing difficulty when I …

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How to Create a Sitemap for a WordPress Website

How to create a sitemap for a WordPress website is something that you will need to learn when you first build your website.  Or more accurately, when you first start adding content to your website. My recommendation is to add your Sitemap when you have …

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How To Take A Screenshot On a Windows Computer

How to Take a Screenshot

How to take a screenshot that will help to enhance a website is important to understand. A screenshot is an image taken from the screen of your computer, or laptop. Rather than taking a photo of your screen with a camera or a mobile phone, …

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How WordPress Widgets Improve a Website or Blog

How WordPress Widgets improve a website is important information that newcomers to WordPress are often not aware of. Most things about WordPress are easy to use once the website owner has become familiar with the great tools that are available within the Dashboard of their …

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What is A Guest Blogger and How to Become Successful?

What is a Guest Blogger and how to become successful at it is something really worthwhile looking at in respect to another source of income. Those who are talented writers have an advantage over others who are still developing their writing skills.  However, anyone who …

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Linking to Authority Sites – What is The Reason?

Linking to Authority sites is a term often heard when learning how to build a successful affiliate marketing business. I can remember wondering why I needed to even think about authority sites when I was so busy focusing on what I knew had to be …

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How to Avoid Penalties of Copyright Infringement Law

How to avoid penalties of Copyright Infringement Law is essential for every Affiliate Marketer to be aware of.  Whether the content is online or offline, copyright infringement is a serious act of dishonesty that nobody could possibly be proud of. Not only does Copyright Infringement Law …

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What Really is the Truth About Affiliate Marketing

What really is the truth about Affiliate Marketing? Is Affiliate Marketing a valid business? Can I make money by being an affiliate marketer? How long would it take me to earn money if I was doing affiliate marketing? These are just some of the questions …

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How to Create Different Types of Links in WordPress

How to Create Different Types of Links in Wordpress

Updated August 2021 Knowing how to create different types of links in WordPress is extremely important. This awareness is essential for all affiliate webmasters including those just starting their affiliate marketing journey. The use of links is a pivotal part of extending the value to …

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Why Great SEO Techniques Will Get Your Content Read

Keywords for Great SEO

Great SEO techniques done correctly will get your content read by those who matter the most, and they are the visitors to your website or blog. On the other hand, if your SEO techniques are not correctly planned and set in motion the desired results of …

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Overcoming a Fear of Writing and Enjoying the Ride

Overcoming a fear of writing is something that so many people are challenged by, and it is something that I personally understand because I suffered this fear for years. In fact, when I was a teenager, at College, I completely and utterly had an ongoing …

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5 Worst Mistakes of New Affiliate Marketers

The thought of starting a business by becoming an affiliate marketer raises a certain level of excitement within anyone who thinks about taking this step. Being able to work from home, either full-time or part-time is a huge attraction.  Knowing that there is money to …

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How To Optimize Images for WordPress Websites

how to optimize images for wordpress

How to optimize images for WordPress is a skill that needs to be learnt by newcomers to internet marketing. Optimizing images for WordPress websites or blogs is one of the most important tasks you will need to learn when starting with your first website. The reason …

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Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2016 & Beyond

what is the best way to make money online in 2016

What are the best ways to make money online in 2016 is a question I hear often, and this is a good question due to the fact that online marketing continues to grow. In other words, online marketing does not stand still.  Along with the fast moving …

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